Measure Thread Pitch Gauge With Free Android App

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Thread Pitch Gauge is a free Android app to measure the size of any screw, nuts and bolts. This Thread Pitch Gauge app tells the accurate size of any screw, nuts or bolts. The very important thing which you can do with this great app is that, you can measure the pitch of any screw when required. You don’t need any special tool or gauge to measure length and pitch of screw. Just keep the screw on your Android’s screen, adjust the length according to the screw and the app will tell you the size of the screw. That is the reason this app is named as Thread Pitch Gauge app. The interface provided by the app is very simple and easy to understand.

Thread Pitch Gauge

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Some Key Features Of Thread Pitch Gauge App:

  • You can measure length of screws, nuts and bolts.
  • Measure pitch of screws.
  • Act as a gauge for measuring thread pitch.
  • Provides a real scale with accurate measurement.

Thread Pitch Scale

  • App adjusts the scale automatically according to the phone’s screen.
  • Provides length units in two formats that is in meters and inches.

Thread Pitch Options

  • Provided multiple background color in settings menu.
  • Easy to understand and use. Measurements are accurate.

Thread Pitch Measurement

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How To Install Thread Pitch Gauge App:

  • Go to the “Android Market” or Scan the QR Code below.

  • Click on “Search” tab. Type “Thread Pitch Gauge” and click on search tab.
  • Click on “Thread Pitch Gauge”.
  • Click on “install”.

The free Thread Pitch Gauge for Android to Measure length will be automatically installed. Click here to download Thread Pitch Gauge app from Android Market. Just install this great app today on your smart phone and measure length of screws, nuts, and bolts anywhere and anytime when required.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 5]
Works With: Android 1.6 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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