How to Display Career Gaps on LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn has launched a new feature called Career Break. This feature enables a user to describe the gap in the career on their profile.

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professionals. When somebody needs a new hire or a new job, they go to LinkedIn. But before this new update, the users couldn’t explain the gap in their careers. And this affected the profile a lot because recruiters don’t like ill-defined breaks in work.

Therefore, LinkedIn solved this problem by adding a new section in the Experience department. Now we can represent our career break clearly on our LinkedIn Profile. We can enter the time period of our break using dates, and also enter the reason for that break.

How to use the Career Break Feature of LinkedIn

We can use this new feature of LinkedIn to specify the details about our career break. The process is very simple. Let us cover it in a few quick steps:

Step-1: Open the LinkedIn app and go to your profile

This is the most obvious step in the process. Open the LinkedIn app on your phone. Then tap on your profile picture and a menu will be displayed. There, tap on the View Profile button from there. And this will open your profile. There you will see two buttons, Open to, and Add Section.

Step-2: Select “Add a Career Break” from the ‘Add Section’ menu

Tap on the Add section button on your profile. And that should open a menu for you. You will see three categories of sections in this menu. And the Add Career Break option is present in the Core category. The following screenshot shows the same:

LinkedIn add section

Now tap on the Add Career Break option, and it will show you a form to fill.

Step-3: Fill out the form and Save

Fill out the form carefully and enter all the information asked. The entries to fill are as follows:

  • Type: The type of break you were on. You can select from the list. It is optional to enter.
  • Location: The location of your break. It is also optional to fill.
  • Start and End Date: Enter the starting and ending dates of your break. These are the mandatory fields.
  • Media: Add media regarding your break. This field is also optional.
  • Description: You can also write the description of the break. This will show the reason for your break in detail. You can write a description using a maximum of 2000 characters.

The following screenshot shows the form:

Linkedin career break form

After you have carefully filled the form, you can tap on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. And it will save the career break. It will be shown in the Experience section of your profile. You can also add multiple career breaks like other sections of your profile.


This new update from LinkedIn is very helpful. Now, the users can actually show why there is a gap in their working experience. And recruiters can learn about the people they are going to hire. This will further nurture the environment of the platform and push the opportunities more.

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