Windows 8 Slice Game App Free To Test Your Reaction Time: SushiChop

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SushiChop is a free Windows 8 slice game app, where you have to chop all the fishes, except the stinky rotten ones, and unlock multiple cool blades and attain multiple achievements. This is a really cool and addictive reaction based game app, and does tests how quick are your reactions. No matter, you are playing in a touch device or desktop PC, the game runs smoothly, and is extremely fun. The game has two game modes: Sushi Chop and Sushi Master. All you have to do is, slice the fishes before the time runs out. You’ll get three lives, and the life gets reduced by one point, on cutting one rotten fish. The game is played in waves. And after each wave, the game gives you a bonus stage, where you can earn as many coins as you can.

SushiChop - shushi chop gameplay

The game continues like this until, all your lives gets used up. Simply, fill up tray after tray by slicing the fishes and clear wave after wave, to get to the highest score possible.

Play SushiChop in Windows 8:

The game sure has a really good gameplay, and is already a pretty popular game app for iOS users. Now, the app is also available in Windows 8. You don’t need to be connected to internet to play the game. I played the game in Desktop PC, and the playing the game was extremely fun. The game has really good simulations, and the actions in the game are very much in sync with controls. The game is one of those games, which are easy to learn but, not that easy to play well. The gameplay of this Windows 8 slice game app has good difficulty levels, which increase as the game advances.

SushiChop - main screen and game modes

Well, the back drop of SushiChop is, your grandfather is the legendary Sushi Master, and is the owner of G.Chop sushi shop. But, an accidents occurs to him and he can’t cut anymore. Now, it’s you (the grandson) who has to master sushi chopping and, bring back the lost fame of G.Shop.

SushiChop - shushi master gameplay

All you need to do is, cut the fishes by click-dragging on the screen, and fill the trays with the chopped fishes. But, you have to keep an eye on the time (at the bottom of the tray) and the rotten fishes. Because, no customer is going to eat a rotten fish or the order, that’s delivered too late.

There are seven powerful and very sharp blades, such as Sushi Blade, twin Blade, Shuriken, Jade Blade etc., using which you can cut the fishes. Each having it’s own unique power. But, only the Sushi Blade is free, other’s can be unlocked by using the coins, that you earned by slicing the fishes.

SushiChop - unlockables in store

Besides the blades, you can also upgrade power-ups, which also comes during the gameplay, and helps you in getting more scores, like some slows down the speed of the game, some are score multipliers, some add one more spot in the tray etc. All these helps you in scoring more.

The game has two modes, SUSHICHOP and SUSHIMASTER. In SUSHICHOP, you have to cut the fishes in any order. The only aim is to fill the spots on tray, and also avoid rotten fishes. In SUSHIMASTER, you can’t blindly cut all the fishes. Here along with avoiding rotten fishes, you have to match the fishes with the given order. Otherwise, your work gets wasted. This one is a bit more harder than SUSHICHOP. This makes the game more fun and challenging.

SushiChop - game result

The game has very good 3D graphics, and really nice background score. The beauty of the game is, you can play it ‘n’ number of times. So, get the game for free, use powers, and slice the fishes wave after wave, to get highest stars and scores, and unlock achievements and blades.

SushiChop - achievements

Key features of this Windows 8 slice game app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 slice game app.
  • Slice fishes and become sushi master.
  • Multiple power-ups to be used and upgraded.
  • 7 unique and powerful blades.
  • Multiple achievements to be accomplished, doing which gives you extra coins.
  • Bonus levels in gameplay.
  • Two game modes.
  • Good 3D graphics and background music.
  • Easy to learn, extremely fun.

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SushiChop is one of the best game app available out there in Windows Store. It is aided with every single thing, that makes it fun and a really good game app. Get it now, and have hours of fun and excitement playing the game and mastering sushi chop.

Grab SushiChop here.

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