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Xsemmel is a free XML editor that is used to create and edit XML (Extensible Markup Language) files. It also comes with feature to compare two XML files to find out the differences. This could be handy when you are working on a project with different instances of a single file. Moreover, it also helps to perform validation check of XML files. XML validation is used to find out whether a XML file is with a defined structure and follows syntactic rules of XML or not.

Its interface provides different options to perform all the tasks. This makes it more easy to work with this XML editor. Apart from creating and editing XML files, it can be used to edit Xsd, Xslt files, and even text files.

Xsemmel- interface

In above screenshot, interface of Xsemmel is visible.

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Compare XML Files:

Using this feature, you can compare two XML files for differences. This helps to quickly find out whether files are identical or not. Tools option available on the top part of its interface is used to access Compare XML files option. Clicking this option will open a new window. In that window, you either compare a second file with currently opened file. Or you can add two XML files using Browse button. Once you have added the files, click on Diff button. Immediately, all the differences between those XML files will be highlighted. See the screenshot below:

compare XML files

An interesting features is that if differences are in the same line (say line number 5) between your XML files, then those differences are highlighted with same color. In comparison window, Sync Scrollbar button is also available that is used to quickly move scrollbar of one file on the same line of another file.

XML Validation:

This feature is handy to quickly find out if your XML is valid or not. To validate your XML file, you need to access Validation option. Validation process can be done either by checking the welformdness of your XML file or by validating XML file against schema.

xml validation

A well-formed XML file is what that follows the syntax rules (that are specified by XML language). On the other hand, validation against schema is used to validate your file with XML schema. XML schema is nothing but XSD files that simply defines the structure of your XML file. Here the best part is that you can also generate XSD file from input XML file.

How To Use This Free XML Editor?

To work with this XML editor, go to its homepage, and download the setup file. You can use the download link I have placed at the end of this review. Its setup file is less than 2 MB in size which will download to your PC quickly. After this, execute the setup file, and start the installation wizard. Installation steps are very simple. At the end of the installation wizard, you can run this software. If you want, you can also associate *.xml files to open with Xsemmel.

associate xml files with Xsemmel

Interface of Xsemmel is easy to use. Whole interface is mainly divided into three parts: navigation pane, editor, and validation.

  • Navigation pane: Using the navigation pane, you will be able to see the tree view of your input XML file.
  • Editor: As the name suggests, this part is used to edit the XML file. You can use tree view to quickly jump to a particular line of your XML file. Editor is also helpful to see the Grid view and Browser view of your XML file. After editing, you can see how your XML will look on web browser in simple text.
    XML editor
  • Validation: Using this part, you can find out whether your XML is well-formed or not. As soon as you will add a XML on its interface, it will show you XML is well-formed or not. On the other hand, it will also show you errors if your XML is not valid (if validation process is run by you using XSD file).


Xsemmel is helpful to edit your XML files. Its comparison and validation features makes it more valuable. You can use this tool to edit your XML files or other supported files.

Get Xsemmel free.

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