View Google Calendar Events In New Chrome Tab

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There are countless goodies that make Google Chrome the most popular and widely used web browser out there. A minimalistic UI, numerous powerhouse extensions; the list goes on. However, one of the most important features of Google Chrome is its tight integration with your account and other Google services. Because of this, Google Chrome gets even better for those who are deeply invested in Google’s ecosystem.

And that’s what Tupiq, the focus of this write-up is all about. Simple yet useful, Tupiq is a nifty Google Chrome extension that lets you view Google Calendar events in new Chrome tab. It automatically gets this information from the Google account used to sign in to the browser. Not only that, it also shows a three day weather forecast, and icon based links to the websites you visit the most. Sounds interesting? Move past the jump, and have a better look.

tupiq in action

How To View Google Calendar Events In New Chrome Tab?

Step 1: Just like any other Google Chrome extension, Tupiq also needs to be installed before you can get started with it. To do that, search for the extension in the Chrome Web Store (or click here), and when found, click on the Add to Chrome button.

tupiq install

Step 2: Essentially, there isn’t much more to do. Once Tupiq is installed, simply open up a new Google Chrome tab, and you should a box front and center, overlaid on an incredible background picture. Click on the box to connect your Google Calendar (account), and refresh the tab. That’s it. The info box will now display your upcoming Google Calendar appointments, as well as weather forecast for the next three days. The bottom of the box displays icon based shortcuts to the websites you visit the most. And if you want to change the background image, simply click on the triangular icon on the top section of the info box. Here’s a screenshot:

tupiq showing information

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Wrap Up

Opening up a new tab is as common of a task as browsing the web itself, not just in Google Chrome, but in any browser. And if your using Google Chrome, Tupiq ensures that you can be more productive every time you fire up a new tab. Give it a shot, and let me know how you find it in the comments below.

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