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Orinj is a free mixing and multitrack recording software for Windows with additional features to edit MIDI and track waves. If you love editing, recording, and mixing music tracks, then this software is definitely for you. It lets you easily record multiple tracks simultaneously which you can mix together as a single track. The mixer lets you modify and control the pan, volume, effects, and dry/wet mix envelopes. It offers various effects like bass choruses, limiters, echoes, noise gates, delays, notch filters, reverbs, graphic equalizers, compressors, and more. It also lets you duplicate, examine, move, cut, and loop tracks.

You can apply dozens of pre-defined loops from categories like pop, heavy metal, rock, and blues. It also allows you to create drum loops using the samples or you can upload your own drum loops. You can record MIDI tracks as waves and import them to any session of multitrack recording. Unlike Audacity and Jokosher, it offers 4 different editor views named, single wave, MIDI roll, multi-track, and loop building view in order to make recording, mixing and editing tracks easier.

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Note: This software requires installed Java to run and work properly on Windows.

How to Record, Edit, and Mix Multitrack using Orinj:

Step 1: As soon as you open this software, the editor will open up with various tools and options at the top like wave, effects, track, sessions, and more as shown in the above image. For multitrack recording, choose the multi-track view from the toolbar at the bottom. It offers 4 different views as mentioned above.


Step 2: After that, you will see all the blank tracks overlapping one after another in the editor. On the left, there will be the mixer console with dozens of blank tracks and controls like volume, pan, mod, input channels, etc.


Step 3: Now to start multitrack recording in one single session, click one of the blank track and press the “Red” recording button at the bottom. In the same manner, keep selecting a track and record anything for that particular track. You can simply click on any part of any track number to start recording from that point.

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Step 4: Click the “Effects” option at the top to apply various effects like delay, chorus, echo, bouncing echo, notch filter, simple compressor, side-chained compressor, reverbs, noise gate, limiter, and more to any particular track in the multitrack session. If you wish to apply effects to all the tracks, then you have to do it for each track one after another.


Step 5: When you export the multitrack either as MIDI or SKL files, all the individual track gets merged together as one. Sounds interesting, isn’t it.

Some important and additional features of Orinj:

  • Apply tons of customizable effects such as delay, echo, noise gate, etc.
  • Duplicate, examine, cut, and move each track in a multitrack session.
  • 4 Different editing views.
  • Record MIDI files into wave files to insert them into a multitrack session.
  • Create drum loops by modifying sample loops from categories like rock, pop, blues, etc.
  • Modify and control pan, volume, wet/dry envelopes, etc. using mixer console, and much more.

My Final Verdict:

Orinj is probably one of the best mixing and multitrack recording software available. It offers different editor views and you can easily switch to a multitrack recording session by changing the editor view as multi-track view, as simple as that. The best part is that you can apply dozens of effects to every track such as echo, reverb, chorus, delay, noise gate, etc. There are many other features like drum loops, wet/dry envelopes, pan controller, and more using which you can record and create great tracks.

Get “Orinj” from here.

Editor Ratings:
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