4 Free Box Downloader Software to Download files from Box Cloud

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Here are 4 free Box downloader software to download files from Box cloud. These Box downloaders let you view all the files in your Box account and you can download them on your PC conveniently. For that, they first authenticate your box account and then show you the list of files on their interface or will mount a folder on your PC. You can then access all the images, songs, documents and all other files.

If you are a Box user and don’t want to use its web app to download files, then you can try out any software from this list. Apart from downloading the files, these software also allow you to upload files to Box. You can access all the files on Box from your desktop and do whatever you want.

Box Downloader Software to Download files from Box Cloud

Box is one of the best cloud storage services available out there. It offers a lot of features.

4 Free Box Downloader Software for Windows

Box Drive

box drive

Box Drive is the official Box downloader software for Windows. This software makes an extra folder in your PC corresponding to the root folder on the cloud. You will see all your photos, music, documents and other files and folders there. You can access the files you want and you can do all the operations like copy, paste, rename, etc. All the changes that you do in the local cloud folder on your PC, those changes will be reflected on the cloud. Also, it shows the files on the local cloud folder, but it doesn’t actually download them. The files are downloaded only when you copy them from the cloud folder to somewhere else.

It’s pretty easy to use Box Drive software to download files on your PC. After installing and signing in, it will show the Box cloud folder in File Explorer navigation pane. You will see its icon in the system tray. And when you open the folder that it has mounted on your PC, then you will see all your files there. But do note that, the files are not downloaded yet. When you copy the files from this folder to an external folder, then those files are downloaded. In this way, you can access any files on your Box cloud account pretty easily.


CarrotDAV box downloader

CarrotDAV is one of the best third-party Box downloader software for Windows. It is a lightweight software to access and manage various cloud services and FTP servers. Using this software, you can connect to Box cloud and access your files. It shows files from the cloud on its interface itself. You can selectively choose them and download them. The software supports cut, copy, rename, delete operations and the changes will appear in the cloud in real-time.

Apart from accessing and downloading files from Box cloud, you can also do the same for Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Hubic, WebDAV, etc. In addition to that, the software supports some other features as well. You can set a background image in it, lock its interface with a master password, and also access other cloud services together.

Using this tiny software to download files from Box is pretty easy. Just run it and then add your Box cloud account in it by making a new connection. After your account is verified, you will see all your files in the software itself. After that, you can download files from it using the “Download” option in the right-click menu. It will ask you where to save the downloaded file and after providing the desired directory, your file will be downloaded there. Note that, the files that it shows on its interface are not actually downloaded yet. It will only download a file when you want it. Also, on its interface, it doesn’t show the image preview.

Air Explorer

Air Explorer

Air Explorer is another very good Box downloader software for PC. The software comes with an intuitive interface where you can access your Box cloud and all the files in it. The software supports all the operations like copy, cut, rename, and delete. Apart from connecting to Box, the software also supports other cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, OneDrive, WebDAV, MEGA, Yandex, Magenta Cloud, and some others. It also lets you open a dual pane explorer where you can explore Box cloud file in one pane and local Windows Explorer in another pane. To download a file, just drag and drop it from one pane to another.

Using Air Explorer to connect to Box drive is pretty simple. Just open the software and then add your Box cloud’s account in it. Next, it will authorize your account and after successful verification, you will see your Box cloud’s files. To download the files, just copy them using the right-click menu or you can open Windows Explorer in the other pane and use the drag-drop method to download files from Box to your PC. Also, the software makes the complete log of all the operations in the bottom pane. You can see the above screenshot.

Cloud Explorer

cloud explorer

Cloud Explorer is a simple software that you can use as a nice Box downloader. The software actually has a browser like interface and lets you access Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and of course Box from its interface. You can connect to your Box cloud and then download the files you want using the right-click menu. There are no special features in the software as it just behaves like a portable lightweight browser that you can use to download files from Box cloud.

Using this software to download files from Box cloud is pretty easy. Just launch it after you have downloaded it and choose box option from it. After that, it will take you to the login page of Box cloud. Sign in to your account and you will see all the files and folders there. Choose the files you want to download on your PC. To do that, just right-click on any file or folder and then choose Download option. It will ask you where to save the file and it will save the file.

Final Words:

These are the best free Box downloader software which I have tried. Using these software, you can easily access and download files from Box cloud on your PC. If you are looking for some free Box downloader for PC, then this list will come in handy. Out of all these 4, I really like Box Drive and Air Explorer to be the best Box downloaders for Windows.

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