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Vodo is a free online service to watch and share movies online. On the website, you will not find any famous Hollywood titles. Vodo is more about quality work of independent movie makers, writers, and artists.

This website has successfully established itself as an online community-platform for showcasing original movies, books, and songs. For distribution and download it utilizes P2P technology. Even you can promote your original movie for free at Vodo.

How To Get Started with Vodo:

If you intend to only watch free online movies then no need to register an account until you are very keen about commenting. Registration can be performed by filling simple sign-up form.  Also, you may login directly via Facebook.

Next, you can add details to your profile and connect Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Watch Free Online Movies At Vodo:

Watching online movies at Vodo is free. Even no cost is involved in downloading those from torrent websites.

  • You will need to click on ‘All films’ link placed on top navigation bar.
  • Soon, you will be taken to a webpage showing thumbnails and names of available movies.
  • Next, click on any one of them to view movie online.
  • The movie can be downloaded in standard definition. You may also get the option to download movie in High definition (as per availability).  Download torrent file from Vodo and then load it over some torrent client to download movie in full.

Viewers may appraise the work by donating some amount as a gesture of goodwill for that movie.

How To Share Movies Online

After login, you will have to follow these simple steps to share your original movie online.

The review team will evaluate your application before allowing you to publish movie. Pornography is strictly prohibited. This process will take some time, maybe 1-2 weeks.

The Final Verdict:

Vodo is a nice place for independent filmmakers to share movies online. Even as a viewer you will enjoy come creative and unique online movies. The movie index is also growing at a tremendous speed. Definitely, Vodo is a very interesting resource for watching movies online.

It makes no sense in comparing it with other services like, Movie25, and Filmlinks4u as Vodo hosts completely different stuff.

* Vodo hosts only non-commercial movies only.

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