5 Online Quran Translation in English Websites Free

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In this blog post, I’m including 5 online Quran translation in English websites free. On these websites, you can read the Quran in the English language to understand each meaning scribbled in it.

Quran (the religious text of Islam) has the revelation of God-Allah. The Quran is divided into 114 chapters (Surah). It includes Al-Fatihah (The Opening), Al-Baqarah (The Cow), Al-‘Imran (The Family of Amran), An-Nisa’ (The Women), Al-Ma’idah (The Food), Al-An’am (The Cattle), and others.

Traditionally, the Quran is written in the Arabic language. Most of us find it hard to understand the language completely. This overshadows us to know about God. If you are one of them, the websites will make your understanding easy for Quran.

Here, you can simply head to these websites and find out all the chapters of the Quran in one place. You can read it all in the English language along with the Arabic language. A few of these websites let you play audio of written words in the Quran. This will put you in devotion as you can read Quran while listening to it in the English translation.

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Below are the following websites where you can find Quran translation in English.

1. Quran Wow

Quran translation in English

Quran Wow is a free website where you can find the Quran translation in English. The website is mainly dedicated to providing you the Quran in multiple languages online. Also, you can listen to the audio of the verses.

Here, you will find all the chapters of Quran. You can start with the opening chapter and keep on going next to read each verse. On this website, you will see the English translation along with the Arabic version of Quran.

Apart from this, you can use the search bar where you can enter a keyword to find a random verse. The site lets you bookmark any of the verses. By clicking on the setting option, you can change language, display mode, font, etc., to read the Quran.

2. Clear Quran

Quran translation in English

Clear Quran is another website for Quran translation in English. On this website, you can not just read Quran but also listen to the audio. Besides that, you can download the whole Quran to read offline.

Before you get started, you can select the mode of displaying content. The site lets you view the Quran in Edition God, Edition Allah, Videos, and Scenic Videos. You can then read all the chapters of Quran in English.

You can switch the chapters from the top. If you want to read Quran in Arabic & English columns, you can do that too. Besides that, you can set options such as recitation, verse repeat, auto-scroll, etc.

3. The Noble Quran

Quran translation in English

The Noble Quran is a free website to read Quran translation in English. When you visit this website, you will see all the chapter’s quick links organized in a good manner.

You can directly open any chapter from here and read in Arabic and English language. The site lets you play the verse that you can listen to while reading Quran. Apart from this, you can change reciters and translator name using the settings and see results in a way you want.

4. Quranful

Quran translation in English

Quranful website can also be used to find Quran translation in English. On this website, you can read in both English and Arabic language.

After you head to this website, you will see the chapters on the homepage. On the top, there is an option to switch from chapter to chapter. You can read the verses and play Quran audios simultaneously.

If you go to settings, you can change the display mode (Arabic, English, Arabic-English in columns and rows). Also, you can change the Arabic recitations and read Quran with ease.

5. Noble Quran

Quran translation in English

Noble Quran is the online platform where you can read Quran translation in English. Here, you will find the whole index of Quran audio with the name of reciters. You can then play Quran audios by chapters in Quran.

The site also lets you read daily Hadith, Islamic books, and Khutba. To read Quran in English, you can go through its links available in the translation sections. When you open these links, you will see the translated verses of each chapter. This way you can read the whole Quran easily.

In brief

You must have read Quran in the form of book. In case, you don’t understand Quran in its original language, you can use the above-mentioned websites. Here, you can find the whole Quran translated into English. A few of these websites support other languages as well. Besides that, you can listen to the audio of Quran.

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