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Pollsnack is a web app to create online poll, surveys, personality quiz and share polls on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking sites. You can create your own personal polls or surveys and publish them. Share polls on social networking sites for getting more responses. This free online poll creation website can be used by marketers and product managers who want to conduct an online survey for their product. It can also be used by social networking users for creating personality quizzes. You won’t have to deal with other software which are difficult for first time users. Pollsnack is easy to use and a novice can also create a poll without any difficulty.

Have a look at the interface of Pollsnack:

Pollsnack interface

Limitations of Free Version of PollSnack:

On its website, PollSnack makes it look like it is completely free, but it is actually a freemium model. It has a free version with some limitations, and then a paid version to get rid of those. Here are the limitations of free version:

Limitation for Polls and Personality Quizzes: If you create a poll or a personality quiz with PollSnack, it will show a watermark at the bottom of the widget. That is actually not that bad, as most of other poll creation websites even have limitations on number of responses, which doesn’t seems to be the case with this one.

Limitation for Surveys: If you try to create a survey with PollSnack free version, then you can’t see survey responses! That is quite bad actually, and there should have been an option to see a limited number of responses. So, if you are trying to use PollSnack for creating surveys, you better be ready to spend some money, or you can try a free option like ObSurvey.

How To Create Online Poll, Survey, Personality Quiz:

Once you open the web app, you will be able to see the interface like the one above. There are examples of polls in the first option. Then there is the option to create a poll. However before you start creating your own poll, you need to sign in. For signing in, they have options either to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google or register with an email. Before signing  in with any social networking site, you will be asked to grant access. Accepting that you will be successfully logged in with Pollsnack. Now you can go ahead and create online poll, survey or personality quiz.

Click on the create poll option and you will come across to an interface like the one in the screenshot below:

create polls

This screen lets you choose whether you want to create a poll, a survey, or a personality quiz. Once you click on the Poll option, you will be asked to provide a question for your poll. Create your question and then provide options for others to vote. You can check on the checkboxes as to whether you want the options to be shuffled or you want the result button to be shown. When you are done with creating question, click on Next. Doing so, you will be asked to choose a template from the pre given options. The templates will give a different look to your poll.

Have a look at the different template options available:

choose templates

These templates help to enhance the look n feel of your poll. When you choose a template, you will be shown a preview. Click on the use this template button and your poll would be created successfully.

Now you can vote and see how it works and then publish it. These polls will be saved in your Pollsnack account and you can come back to see who all viewed your poll and voted for it. Other than that, you can post it in your wall in Facebook, Tweet about it, or send it via mail.

Moreover, you can also customize your poll and edit it according to your choice.  Once you have chosen the template you will be able to customize it from the settings  available on the top. The customization options includes choosing themes, changing the height and width of the poll box, change the poll size and also create your own quiz colour palettes. It will only make your poll look attractive and more appealing.

See the screenshot below to see the settings option and a customized poll:

customize poll

The highlighted area shows the editing options. Below is a customized poll box. I hope you have understood the process of creating a poll. Similar is the process of creating surveys and personality quizzes.

Key Features Of Pollsnack:

  • Create online polls, surveys and personality quizzes.
  • Share the polls on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter.
  • Customize your poll to suit your needs.
  • Range of templates to choose from to make your poll look attractive.
  • View your polls and surveys by clicking on My Pollsnack.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Also check out other options to create Facebook polls.

Final Verdict:

Pollsnack is a great web app for the purpose of creating polls and surveys. It more or less provides with everything you need for creating polls. If you needed something like this for professional use or for fun purposes, click on the link below!

Get Pollsnack for free!

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