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OneTimeBox is an absolutely free website to create an online file sharing folder in which anyone can upload files or download files from. It is a very simple to use website. As the name suggests, you can simply create a box, upload files from your system and share it online. Unlike other online file sharing websites, this website does not requires any registration. The website provides you with a unique URL for your folder, through which you can access your folder. You can share the same URL with your friends. Anyone who has access to that URL will be able to upload or download files from the folder you created. In fact, anyone with access to that URL will also be able to delete files from the folder.

This website stores data using Amazon S3 storage service. It is a very creative platform and very easy to use. You can share multiple files at once. The only key is to remember the URL. You can access the website by visiting the link given at the end of this article.

OneTimeBox-online backup-interface

Create Online Folder to Share Files:

As you can see in the above screenshot, a “Create your box” option is given on the main page of the website. You simply have to hit that button and start uploading your files. The website does not ask you to go through any registration procedure. Once you hit the button, the main interface opens up. It contains two boxes. You can drag the files you want to upload in the first box. Once the files get uploaded, the list appears in the second box. The uploaded files can be accessed by anyone who knows URL of the folder. However, there is no clarity about the time for which these files will be retained.

OneTimeBox-online backup- main interface

As soon as the files get uploaded, a list of uploaded files appears in the second box. You can then share those files with your friends by sending them the unique URL. Through that URL, your friends can then download those files. They also have the option of deleting those files. This method of file sharing is different in the sense that it allows you to share multiple files at once and allows your friends to add files to your folder or download / delete files from that. Goes without saying, this is not a good platform to share restricted files.

OneTimeBox-online backup- uploaded files box

The Unique URL provided by the website is the most important thing to remember. It is through that URL, that you can access the online folder you created and share the files. If you loose the URL, there is no way that you can retrieve it and all your data will be lost.

Also, I am not sure about the maximum file size that is allowed, or total storage space it provides in a single folder. And of course, not sure when does your folder gets deleted.

We also reviewed some other similar file sharing websites that do not require sign-up.

Final Verdict

OneTimeBox is a very innovative and extremely easy data storage service provider. The main idea is to provide users with a platform where they can store there files and share them quickly without any complications. Simply drag the files and share the them with the help of URL. It is very user friendly and insanely quick. The only apprehension one can have is about the privacy of the uploaded data. So, be careful about the scenarios you use it for.

Access OneTimeBox from here!

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