How To Create Spelling Words Quiz In Google Sheets?

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Here is a tutorial to create spelling words quiz in Google Sheets? For that, you can install a Google Sheet add-on named Flippity. The Flippity add-on has 19 templates for different types of games like Crossword maker, Flashcards maker, Tournament bracket maker, etc. Spelling words quiz is one of the templates among them. You can use the template in order to create your own spelling words quiz. The template has a list of words in each row under the name of a student. Children can listen to the words and write the correct spelling in an empty box. In this way, children can learn spellings of different words.

Playing games online is always fun but those game that is educational and fun is a good idea to provide knowledge to kids. Using this add-on, you can easily create spelling words quiz game for kids. This is a quite interesting way to teach kids new words and spellings.

Listen and write correct spellings

How to create spelling words quiz in Google Sheets?

Step1: Once you install Flippity Google Sheet add-on, a new Google Sheets opens up. Then, Flippity prompts for permission. You can click on Continue in order to access the add-on. Also, it prompts to enter your email id.

Step 2: To access the add-on, you can click on Add-ons in the menu and then go to Flippity. Then click on Pick A Template as shown below.

Pick a template

Step 3: It displays 19 templates for multiple games like Flashcards, Crossword, Word search template, etc. One of them is a Flippity Spelling Words, you can use the template by clicking on Use.

Flippity Spelling Words Template

Step 4: Once flippity provides spelling word template, a pop-up of URL appears which you can close. Because the URL is to publish the template and you have to make changes before publishing it to the web.

Step 5: You can see that the template has different columns. Each column has a name of a student, also the column contains one word in each row. You can change words and names and create your own spelling words quiz.

Edit the template

Step 6: The next step is to publish the template to the web. To do so, click on File and then go to Publish to the web. After that, a pop-up appears where you can click on Publish in order to publish the spelling words quiz template. Right after publishing the template, you will get a link. This link is to view the template which you have edited in Google Sheets. The quiz game URL is yet to publish.

Publish the template to the web

Step 7: To get the spelling words quiz URL, click on Add-ons, then again go to Flippity option and click on URL. Once you do so, you will get a link which you can click to view the quiz game. URL

Now you can see that there are all those student’s names which you mentioned in Google Sheets while creating spelling words quiz. You can share the quiz link to your students and each student will click on their name to play the quiz.

Choose a list

For example, the first name is Elmo, if Elmo clicks his name, it will show him the list of words which was under his name in Google Sheets. These words can be played to listen to the pronunciation as shown below.

list of words

This quiz game lets the student practice also. To do so, click on practice and listen to the word and type that spelling in an empty box. To play the quiz, students need to follow the same thing. Here, students have to listen to a word which shuffles automatically and whatever the word voice they hear, they have to write spelling of that word in the box. In this way, you can test your spellings and win the quiz.

In brief

Flippity has amazing templates to create fun and educational games. Spelling words quiz is a good way to teach children new words while playing games. Parents also can try this at home to make their children learn spellings and words.

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