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[Total: 1 Average: 5] is a free website to maintain code snippets online. If you are a programmer and want to keep an online repository of frequently used code snippets, this is a good website to use. It is completely free and super easy. It lets you add code snippets of almost all the popular languages. Apart from that, it automatically creates versions of code snippets when you update them.

This free code snippet repository is more like an online community of developers. When you add a code snippet, you can choose to share with other developers, and they can comment on your code snippet. This is a good way to get feedback, as well as answer questions. If you want, you can follow other developers on this website, to get a quick access to their code snippets. Another interesting feature is that it lets you create Collections of Code Snippets. So, if there is a particular Code snippet that you like, you can add it to your collection, to quickly refer to it later. Home Page

How to Save Code Snippets Online with

To start using this website, just create a free account. While creating your profile, you can choose to provide as many details as you want. This website gives an option to other people to contact you for jobs. So, if you want to be hired, it will be a good idea to add as many details as you can, to impress potential employers.

Once you have created the profile, you can start using all the features of this website. Let’s go over them one by one.

Store Code Snippets Online:

This is the main feature of this website. To add a new code snippet, just click on the cloud button with arrow, and it will open the new code Snippet page. Here you can paste / type your code snippet, give it a name, description, as well as choose the programming language to which it belongs. It also lets you choose the privacy level of the code snippet: Public, Private, or Part Private.

Create New Code Snippet in Codepad

Once you have saved the snippet, you can access it anytime under your profile. If you chose the snippet to be Public, then anyone else can also see the code snippet (they won’t be able to edit it).

Create Versions of Code Snippets:

This is my one of the favorite feature of this code snippet website. As every developer knows, it is very important to maintain versions of the code, because at some point of time you will have to go back and see the previous code. And this website does a fantastic job at maintaining versions of code snippets. Actually, you don’t have to do anything in this website to make different versions of your code snippets. Instead, if you edit an existing code snippet, the website will automatically make a version of the previous code. And you can at anytime go to the previous version.

Code Snippet Versions in CodePad

As you can see in screenshot above, all the versions of the code snippet are shown right below the code snippet. And you can click on any version to directly see the code of that version.

Create Collections of Code Snippets:

This is another interesting and useful feature of this website. If there are some particular code snippets that you like, then you can organize them in collections. You can create multiple collections, and add code snippets to them. This gives a really easy way to access any code snippet at a later point in time.

Follow Developers:

If there are some developers that you especially like, then you can follow those developers. This will let you quickly see their code snippets. So, you will be able to stay abreast of new code snippets released by them.

My Opinion of CodePad:

There is really no dearth of choices to manage code snippets. There are online code snippet managers, as well as code snippet manager software. And all of them provide almost similar set of features. And no one can forget the universally accepted options like Github. So, CodePad has entered a particularly crowded field. However, I do like this website for its ease of use, as well as focus on details. As a developer myself, I like the options provided by this website. Ultimately, the success of this website will lie in the fact that how many developers choose to embrace it to share their code snippets as well as participate in the community. Let’s see how the future of this website unfolds.

Try Codepad here.

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