MyWebSQL: Web Based MySQL Client

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MyWebSQL is a free web based MySQL client that you can install on your web server. Using this online MySQL client, you can connect to your MySQL databases from anywhere, and run queries against them. Unlike phpMyAdmin, MyWebSQL is a full-fledged MySQL client that lets you create packages, tables, and triggers as well. It is a good alternative to phpMyAdmin.

MyWebSQL closely resembles popular desktop clients available for MySQL. So, it is easy to learn, and start using. It is open source, and completely free.


How to Use MyWebSql:

To use MyWebSQL, just download the MyWebSQL download package. Upload it to root folder of your web server, and unzip it. Then browse to the URL MyWebSQL is your browser. The URL is in form like http://localhost/mywebsql/. When you browse to this URL, this will bring up the MyWebSQL web client. You will be prompted with password screen, where you can provide login credentials of your server. Once you login, MyWebSQL will show you all the MySQL databases available on that server. If there is just one database, you will directly be taken to that database page.

Once you have selected the database that you want to work with, you can just follow the intuitive interface of this free online MySQL client to perform all type of operations against MySQL database. It is especially useful if you want to quickly run some queries against your MySQL database, backup database, or just optimize MySQL.

This web based MySQL client should work on all type of hosting accounts, including shared hosting, as long as your account has PHP installed. Just use any FTP client to upload MyWebSQL to your root folder, and get going.

If you want to play around with MyWebSQL on your local PC, a good idea would be to go ahead and install WordPress on Windows PC, and then install MyWebSQL. You can use your browser to connect to your local MySQL database using this, and see that everything works fine.

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