Free VM Health Monitor

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Free VM health monitor is a freeware that can be used to monitor and manage the functioning of the Virtual Machine (VM) servers. This tool can be used to obtain information from VMware server including ESX/ESXi virtual servers. This VM server management tool is available completely free of cost.

Virtual machines(servers) are being used extensively these days owing to the number of facilties and options that they provide. VM servers help the user to run various applications and services, all at one time. Usually, the applications and services run non-stop on the server. This is of great benefit to the user since the user need not invest in additional hardware to run these applications.

However any performance degradation and changes in the run configurations of these virtual servers could lead to bad user experience and poor system responsiveness. Hence it becomes essential to monitor and manage the VM server’s health and performance continuously. This can be done with the help of VM health monitor.

VM Health Monitor

The VM health monitor boasts of the following features.

  • It informs the system administrator about the various statistics regarding the performance of the VM server including:
  • CPU and Memory Utilization
  • Disk Reads and Writes and
  • Network Transmissions and reception statistics etc.,
    • Simple calculations are made to estimate the different statistics of the VM server’s functioning. This includes estimation of percentage of CPU usage, Disk Read/Write/Dead time, Network usage statistics, Percentage memory utilization etc., The system administrator gets a clear picture about the efficiency of the system by analyzing these statistical parameters.
    • Additionally Resource utilization percentages, bandwidth usage monitoring etc.,is also available.
    • All this is simple to use and learn with the help of the intuitive interface.
    • The administrator can set threshold values for the performance parameters of the VM system preventing it from a crashes and failures. Threshold limits can be set using the dashboard tool thereby ensuring a smooth functioning of the system.

    This freeware comes from the makers of Windows Exchange Server monitor, and SQL Server Monitoring tool.

    Thus VM health monitor is a free, all-in-one desktop tool to monitor the system real-time and manage the health of the VM system. The server’s health and smooth operation is thus guaranteed and mission-critical applications on the VM server do not have the risk of termination due to failure.

    Free VM Health Monitor is available for free download here, and just sizes as small as 2.5MB.

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