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Count Code lets you count lines of code in your source code and can create a report for it in HTML format. Count Code supports source code for Java, C,  C++,  C#, .NET, and Arduino as well. This free and lightweight tool can quickly scan multiple files added to the list. Count Code can generate a summary report and export it too.

You can also make this tool work in portable mode so you can use it from a USB drive and on different machines, without saving its settings to the registry.

Count Lines of Code - Count Code - Interface

While coding, you might require a tool to count lines of code and make a report so you can forward the report further. Usually, this feature is available within the IDE you’re working with, however you might want a standalone tool to do this. What if you’re sending over your code to someone for analysis. You don’t expect someone to install your IDE to count lines of code.

Count code lets you quickly analyse multiple files without wasting your precious time with useless options. It is simple to use and can even work from your USB drive.

How to use Count Code To Count Lines Of Code?

Count Lines of Code - Count Code - Choosing a file

You can either choose click on the “+” button or choose to Add Files from the File Menu. I like to simply drag the files into this code counter. Once I know the source code file I want to count lines of code for, I can simply click on “Scan All Files” from the Analyze menu, to scan all the files.

If you want to scan a single file, you can also choose “Scan Current File” from the menu. This is the most appropriate thing you would do when your source code files are huge and you only made minor changes to one of the code files. You might not want to scan all of those again.

Generate a report

Count Lines of Code - Count Code - Generate Report

While you can use this tool to view the number of lines in your source code; this is not the sole purpose for you to keep this tool in your computer. You can also generate a report for all those files in the list. Count Code will count the lines of codes and will show you the summary of analyses. The report would have the total number of files scanned, total number of lines, total lines of text and even the individual report for each file. Though the output HTML files is not that colorful, but that’s fine.


I tried Count Code with Windows 7 and I liked it because of its simple interface. I might not use my IDE’s feature to count lines of code; neither I can install it on every computer I work on. Count Code is something that I can carry around in my USB drive and simple drag and drop the files for which I want to get the report for.

Because, this tool can generate an HTML file with the summary and a detailed report for individual source code files, it makes it easier to copy the HTML file or attach it to your email and send it.

I liked Count Code and hope you like this lightweight code counter.

Get Count Code for free

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