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In this article, you will read about online printable quiz maker websites free. Now, you can prepare quiz worksheets quickly for your students or children. The websites which I’m going to mention lets you save and take prints of generated quizzes. Also, you can prepare worksheets for different subjects like Math, Literature, Art, General knowledge, Science, Music, Language, Sports, Business, and technology, etc.

These printable quiz maker websites require you to enter the title, description and other preferences like worksheet header. Then, you can prepare a set of questions along with answers. You can save the worksheets if needed otherwise, you can take prints. Also, try these free websites to create a quiz with picture and videos.

Let’s try these printable quiz maker websites.

Trivia Bliss

generate printable quiz online

Trivia Bliss is an online printable quiz maker. The site enables you to prepare a quiz sheet for several subjects. Then, you can take prints to circulate the sheet among students.

To do so, firstly, you need to enter the category or subcategory. The quiz maker has a vast collection of the subjects. There are main categories like Literature, Art, Entertainment, General knowledge, Science, Music, Language, Sports, Business, and technology, etc.

After selecting the main subject for the quiz, you can choose the number of questions. You can prepare a quiz with 10, 25, 50 questions. Then, you can proceed to get a quiz sheet. This quiz maker automatically sets questions along with the answers. You can generate a PDF of it and take prints.

Super Teacher Worksheet

generate printable quiz online

Super Teacher Worksheet is another free printable quiz maker. Once you open the mentioned link, it shows some information which you have mentioned.

The quiz maker requires you to enter worksheet header. Here, you can specify if you want to display date, time, name, etc., on the top of the worksheet. After that, you can enter the title, name of the worksheet creator, etc. Other preferences like where you want to keep the title, etc.

Thereafter, you can prepare your questions. Each page includes 5 questions where you can enter the four options. Also, you can highlight the correct answer. When you’re done just download the sheet or take prints.

Note: you can remove watermark after signing up.

Knowledge Mouse

generate printable quiz online

Knowledge Mouse is a fun website to create a printable quiz. Here, you can enter minimum 4 questions. Then, you can prepare a sheet of questions to take prints.

Firstly, you will have to enter the title and description (optional). The quiz maker lets you create a word list as well. After entering the title or word list, you can mention questions along with multiple choices. After then, you can create a quiz list and take prints.

Help Teaching

generate printable quiz online

Help Teaching is another online platform to create printable quizzes. The website lets you prepare quiz worksheet by grades and subjects.

The sites offer several subjects like Math, Science, Life skill, Early education, Social studies, etc. Each subject offers subtopics which you can choose to automatically generate a quiz sheet. A few of these subjects are locked but you may go with the free ones. After selecting the subject, you can go to take prints and let the kids solve sheets.

In brief

The online printable quiz makers are quite useful. Teachers will find these printable quiz ideas interesting as these websites automatically structure the quiz sheet. Also, you can enter multiple choices with highlighted answer. After taking prints, you can distribute quizzes to students or kids to let them solve.

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