5 Free Meme Search Engine Websites to Find Trending Memes

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This post lists some best free meme search finder websites that also act as meme search engine. With these websites, you can find trending memes and download them. Or, you can also these websites to modify the meme by adding custom text and then share that wherever you want. Just like other search engines, they work in the same way. You just enter a keyword or phrase and these websites will show you the list of relevant memes.

You can search for memes on these websites and download them as images or animated GIFs. For advanced options, some of these websites also give you an embed code to add on webpages. The websites in this list host the memes that are created by their respective creators.

These search engine websites just crawls through them from various sources and index them. They list memes matching your query, and then you are free to do whatever you want. These websites can also help you find the origin of a certain meme in a few clicks as well.

Free Meme Search Engine Websites to Find Trending Memes

5 Free Meme Search Engine Websites to Find Trending Memes


memegine meme search engine

Memegine is probably the best free memes finder you can use. This is a very simple website where you have a ton of memes ready to download. You just make a search query and most relevant memes will be displayed instantly. It uses Reddit as a major source to pull memes, and then you can download them with ease.

You can also follow the original Reddit post from where the meme was fetched. You can be a part of the discussion on the Subreddit, but that is up to you. Right now, it uses r/memes, r/bonehurtingjuice, r/dankmemes, r/trippinthroughtime,  r/wholesomememes, and many others.

More data sources will be available in the later updates. For now, you can simply go to the main website, search for a meme and then download it on your device. There is no registration or sign required in order to use this service. 10000 memes are added to this website every day which makes it an ideal meme finder website.

Know Your Meme

Kno your meme search engine

Know Your Meme is also a very large database of memes and internet banalities. Here you can find a meme, its origin, date it first appeared, source it emerged from, and many other things. The website is very simply and supports filtered search where you can sort search results and switch categories to find what you are looking for.

To search for a meme and its history of appearance, you don’t really have to sign up. You just go to the main website from the above link and then simply enter a search term to see the results. This is very simple and straightforward, and you can use this website in case you are doing some research on memes. Or you just came across a nice trending meme, and you want to know more about it.


meme search engine

Me.Me is another free websites that also acts as a nice search engine for memes. Here you can see the trending memes and download them. It lets you search for latest and popular memes right on the website and shows you trending topics as well. This website has a very simple UI where you just enter a few keywords and the matching memes will be displayed there.

This meme search engine website also published articles about the trending memes to explain their origins and history. You can find memes related to sports, politics, cute, funny, and dank memes on the website and download them.

Just go to the main website from above and then simply enter a search term. It will show you related memes and tags that you can use to browse through the memes’ collection, and then you are free to do whatever you want.


Giphy meme search engine

Who doesn’t know about Giphy? I bet you are not one of those who is unaware about this amazing website that a lot of people use daily. Almost all social media players use it to send GIFs to their friends, and it has a really large collection of almost all kind of GIFs including memes. If some meme becomes popular then you can surely find it on Giphy.

Giphy can be used a decent search engine for memes to find and download them. You just enter a search term, and it will show you the related memes as GIFs that you can download. One of the best features that this website has apart from being a meme search engine is that you can use it to generate memes.

Just go to the main website from the link above and then simply search for any meme. You just enter a search term, and it will display relevant results. Or, you can use the meme creator tool of the website to create your own meme and who knows, maybe it gets viral someday.


Tenor meme search engine

Tenor is another Giphy like websites that has a ton of GIFs, and they are mostly memes. Just like the website above, you can use it to find and download memes. It even shows tending memes on the website, so it will help you find a meme that you are looking for. Apart from searching memes via keywords, you can use to find memes with the hashtags as well.

There is no sign up or anything like that required for searching memes only. Just go to the main website of Tenor and just simple find the meme you are looking for. This is as simple as that. Also, Tenor has integration in many apps as well, such as Samsung Keyboard GIF search introduced in Windows a while ago also uses Tenor.

If you want to create and publish your own meme then you can do that as well just like Giphy on this website here. But for that, you will register a free account and then access the GIF meme generator tool to post your own meme.

Closing thoughts:

These are the best free online meme finder websites that you can use to search and download memes. You can find all kinds of memes here, and then you can share them in your friends or family groups. All the websites are simple and do what they are intended for. I have added some GIF memes finder websites as well in case you like animated memes. So, if you are looking for a free meme search engine then you are at the right place.

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