10 Free Online Animated Meme Creators

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In this article, you will read about how you can create funny animated memes online using the free meme creating web applications.

Memes are everywhere on the internet. You can see them either in the video format or the funny pictures that you surf on your social media platform. If you’re wondering how those “memers” create such hilarious pictures, you don’t need to start a course on that. You can directly start with some of the web applications that are mentioned in this article.

10 Free Online Animated Meme Creators

Whether you want to create just the image memes or want to add life to your content and create video memes, or many be just want to animate the image, you can try any of the web site mentioned below and get started with making your funny meme content on the go.

1. Filmora

This web application is a simple platform to create animated or unanimated memes from scratch. This web application does not require you to sign up or log in. You can create memes in the format of image, video or GIF. After creating, you can also directly share your content on your social media platforms.


Try this website here.

2. Toonclip

ToonClip is a simple image editing web application that lets you edit the images into fun memes. Not only you can create your own memes, but this platform also provides you with different pre-existing templates of creating these memes. For the animated images, you simply have to write your script for the animation and paste in the given space. Then, edit the given clips to your preference and play the animation. To get started, you can edit the script of the sample animated meme given on the home page of the website.


Try this website here.

3. Clideo

This web application can help you create the memes in the video as well as JPEG or PNG format. Clideo meme-making tool works with other formats too, such as  TIFF, BMP, GIF, MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI and much more. If you sign in to this web application, it lets you secure your meme content and provide you with file encryption features.


Try this website here.

4. ImgFlip

ImgFlip is the simplest web application to create a meme from either image or videos. You can convert GIF memes from the still images or the video to convert it into a meme. Moreover, you can upload it from your device or paste the URL of the image or video to be used in the meme.


Try this website here.

5. ILoveIMG

I Love IMG is an application dedicated to editing the images. In this, you can also create memes using images and later animate them. There are options to upload the image to be used from Google Drive directly and the Dropbox, apart from uploading it from the device.

Alternatively, you can select a meme template and work upon that to create your own animated meme.


Try this website here.

6. Wofox

Wofox is a web application that let you edit the image designs, videos, audios and much more. Here, you can also edit the images and videos to create animated memes. There is an option to sign up if you want to store your meme images into the account or you download it to your device. Moreover, you can share the created meme to your social media platforms directly from this web application.


Try this website here.

7. Crello

Crello is an online image editing web application that not only helps you create aesthetic designs but also lets you generate aesthetic memes. This web application has some pre-existing templates that you can use to create the animated or unanimated memes. You can also sign up using your email ID  to store your creative ideas.


Try this website here.

8. Giphy

Gip is an online GIF making web application that you can use only after you sign up to the platform. You can either use your Facebook Id to log into Giphy or any Email Account ID. After that, you will be redirected to the webpage where you can create your meme by using any chosen photos, GIF, or video from your device. The website also has some collection of the meme templates that you can use by clicking on “Choose your Inspiration”.


Try this website here.

9. Kapwing

Kapwing is a platform for various video and image editing tools. One of which supports creating memes. This web application offers various meme templates that you can instantly choose to create your meme. You can either use these templates or create one of your own. You can also sign-up to the website for free.

This platform uses OFFEO that helps you create different formats of memes, be it an image, GIF, or videos.



Try this website here.

10. Adobe Spark

We have heard of the Adobe Spark as a powerful image editing, but now you can use this web application to create the powerful memes too. You can design aesthetically appealing memes, with funny connect and make the meme go viral. This web application has a simple user interface that lets you edit the background of the text, the text font styles, and various other changes.

You can either use this application to create the Picture meme or GIF meme (animated meme).

Adobe Spark

Try this website here.

In brief

If you have a lot of ideas of funny content, then you can put it to use using these online web applications. You just need a laptop device and internet to use your creative imagination to full power and create funny content. These web applications mentioned above have all the tools that you require to use to create a meme.

Do give them a try if you are looking for ways to utilize your quarantine time in a funny way and want to make the best out of your free time.

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