5 Free Handwriting Note Taking Apps for Android

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This article talks about 5 free handwriting note taking apps for Android. As the name suggests, all of these websites let you take notes with your own handwriting by using your fingers on the screen of your device. No need of taking the notes by typing on the keyboard and then wasting your time looking for the correct key like the special characters, numbers, symbols, etc.. Use these apps to take notes the natural way, just like you do when you have a pen and a paper.

Apart from the feature of handwriting recognition, these apps also provide you with lots of other features including saving/sharing which boost your productivity and save your time.

1. MyScript Smart Note:

MyScript Smart Note

MyScript Smart Note is a handwriting note-taking app for Android which has a lot of features to offer. The app lets you create various notes and group them into notebooks. You can give a name to each of the notebooks to distinguish between them. As for taking notes, You simply have to choose the writing tool and start using your fingers to write on the screen. You can choose from pen and pencil as the input tool. For both of them, you can choose the color and thickness of the ink. There is also a feature which lets you select any specific portion or alphabet of your text and then place it anywhere you want.

You can also add images and equations to the notes. When you have taken the note, you can choose to share it with others as the image and text. There are also options to take the backup and choose the language. The app has support for English (US) by default and rest of the languages are needed to be downloaded separately.

2. Papyrus:


Papyrus is the next app in the list which also packs a lot of good features. The app gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to save your notes individually or group them into notebooks. The input tools for taking notes are Pen, Highlighter, Select, and Eraser. You can easily adjust the thickness of the pen and enable/disable pressure. The Select option lets you select any part of your text and then paste it anywhere you want. The app offers 2 types of erasers, one is for deleting all the items and other is for deleting selected ones. The other options are View-only mode, Add image, Export, Mark favorite, etc..

3. Handrite Note:

Handrite Note

Handrite Note is the note taking app which lets you take notes both by handwriting input as well as via keyboard. The app lets you input the text by handwriting in magnified view, but it automatically scales the text to the smaller version. The app doesn’t offer advanced options like the above-mentioned apps, but it offers the commonly needed ones like space, enter, delete, copy-paste, share, export, etc.. You can also choose the paper style, add notes to notebooks, add labels to the notes, add the signature, etc..

4. Handwriting:


Handwriting is one of the simplest handwriting note taking apps for Android. It provides you with only a few simple options which focus solely on the creation and saving of the notes. There aren’t options for you to customize and play around with. There are one pen and an eraser. You can choose the thickness of the pen and also change the color. The other options are clear all, import image, insert a new page, delete, share, undo, and redo. You can also create multiple notes and save them under notebooks.

5. DioNote:


DioNote is a pretty clean and easy to use handwriting note taking app. You can easily create notes and then group them in notebooks. The app provides you with a dedicated area where you have to use your fingers for handwriting input and the corresponding output is displayed in the rest of the area. You can also switch to the keyboard layout for typing the text. You can also choose to enable/disable lined mode and set the zoom in/out level. The options are to share, send, and receive notes.

The app also provides you the option for creating the canvas. You can draw and write anything on the canvas. This provides you more options in the canvas with a choice of pens, colors, and option to insert image. As for the view modes for displaying the notebooks, the app supports 3 view modes.

These are the 5 free handwriting note taking apps for Android. Check them out and feel free to share your views with me via the comments section below.

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