Listen to Ambient Sounds with These 5 Free Android Ambient Sound App

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Here are 5 free ambient sound app for Android to listen to different ambient sounds. These apps offer tons of amazing sounds which you can mix together and play them in a loop. Listening to the ambient sounds can help you relax, stimulate your mind & creativity, relieve anxiety & stress, and much more. The ambient sounds offered by these apps are from different categories like Rain, Forest, Water, Ocean, Wind, Night, etc. Some of them even provide Binaural and Isochronic sounds to help you do Relaxed Breathing, Meditation, Dream, etc.

You can simply open these apps, combine sounds from different categories, and start listening to them. These apps also let you adjust the intensity of each selected sound individually, set a playback timer, and much more. They work exactly like the core ambient sound websites to help you listen to some beautiful sounds, but right from your Android phone.

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Let’s get started with the Android ambient sound apps.


Atmosphere is one of the best free Android ambient sound apps which you can use to listen to various ambient sounds. It offers more than 70 amazing sounds categorized into different environments like Forest, Beach, Home, Park, etc. Some of the best sounds are Rain, Waves, Waterfall, Wind, Storm, etc. which you can mix and play together to relax your mind. To play them, all you gotta do is browse any category you want and then tap on the sounds that you want to play. It also allows you to manually set the intensity of each sound by dragging a simple slider.

Apart from that, it also comes with a separate category named, “Binaural & Isochronic” which contains sounds that are ideal for Acupuncture, Relaxed Breathing, Stimulate Mental Clarity, etc. There are some other useful features available like the timer, favorite sounds, and it even allows you to upload your own sound and mix it with the predefined ones.


Ambience is another free ambient sound app for Android. Using this app, you can listen to dozens of ambient sounds to stimulate your mind, relax, and even relieve stress & anxiety. To be exact, there are around 100 sounds available which are scattered across categories like Rain, Ocean, River, Night, Countryside, etc. You can simply open the app and then start playing the sounds just by tapping on them. It lets you play multiple sounds from different categories simultaneously and also adjust the intensity of each sound separately.

Some beautiful sounds offered by this app are Dolphins, Fireplace, Coffee Shop, etc. Apart from letting you mix sounds into an ambient loop, this app offers a list of predefined ambience mixes like Asian Journey, Mountain Cabin, Marine Dream, and more. You can simply select any of these mixes to start playing it directly. This app also lets you set a playback timer, favorite sounds, etc.

Relax Melodies:

Relax Melodies is also one of the best free ambient sound apps for Android that lets you listen to some amazing ambient sounds for relaxation. This app is quite interesting and offers more than 50 ambient sounds for you to mix and play. You can combine different sounds like Rain, River, Flute, Campfire, Thunder, and more. After opening the app, you can see all the sounds on the screen and play them by simply tapping on the small boxes associated with each sound. This one also has the option to change the playback intensity of every ambient sound separately.

In addition to that, it also offers some Binaural and Isochronic sounds which can help in Deep Meditation and Dreams. You will also find many predefined ambient sound mixes like the Medieval Party, Outdoor Lullaby, City Rain, etc. under the “Discover” Tab. This app has other options using which you can set a timer, save mixes, etc.

White Noise Generator:

White Noise Generator is also a simple and useful ambient sound app which you can use to listen to ambient sound mixes on Android. It offers some amazing sounds of Rain, Wind, Thunder, Forest, Ocean, Night, Cafe, and more. You can easily mix these sounds and play them together to create an ambient environment in your mind for relaxation. When you open the app, the available sounds can be seen on the main screen. You can then tap on any of the sounds to start playing it. This app also lets you play multiple sounds at once and change their individual intensity.

Whatever, ambient mixes you create can be favorites and save in this app. Similar to other apps explained above, this one also provides various predefined ambient mixes like Rainy Day, On the Train, Autumn Cafe, Concentration, etc. You can simply tap on any of the mixes to listen to it. This app also allows you to set a timer for the sound playback.

Sleep Orbit:

Sleep Orbit can also be used to listen to amazing ambient sounds on your Android phone. This app also offers dozens of sounds from categories like Water, Animals, Music, Whispering, Rain, Lucid Dreaming, and more. After you open the app, you can browse these categories and mix different ambient sounds. The selected sound will be played automatically creating a relaxing ambience. The sound player of this app is pretty interesting as all the selected sounds are displayed in a circular track. You can simply drag any sound circle you want to change its intensity.

This app also offers Binaural and Isochronic sounds to help you sleep, relieve stress, stimulate your mind, etc. Apart from that, you can also import your own sounds and mix them with the predefined ones. This app also allows you to set a playback timer for the ambient mixes.

Closing Words:

So, if you have been looking for a way to listen to ambient sounds on your phone, then these free Android ambient sound apps can help you do that. These are pretty cool as they offer tons of amazing sounds for you to mix and listen for relaxation, sleep, etc. What I like more about all these apps is the variety of ambient sounds provided by them.

Go ahead and try these apps for free and leave your comments below.

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