5 Best Free Android Pattern Lock Apps

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Here, are 5 free best Android pattern lock apps. Lock pattern is one of the most safest lock type to set on Android. It is easier to use, as compared to typing password.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the best free Android lock pattern apps that enable lock pattern to lock apps and some media files. Also, we will discuss about Dot Locker Lite app to customize pattern lock pad and give total new look to your old Android patter lock. Install one of the app below to lock your media and apps installed from being accessed by anyone.

If you don’t know to enable pattern lock on Android then click here for a short tutorial for enabling pattern lock on Android.

Now, lets move to our main topic of Android lock pattern apps.

App Lock Pattern App for Android:

App Lock Pattern Lock

App Lock is a free Android app to lock apps on Android. This app provides a pattern lock and a password lock to lock the installed apps on Android. To set the pattern lock, just launch “App Lock” app. Now, you will see the list of all installed apps. Select the app which you want to lock and enable the lock button on the selected app. You will see the pattern lock or password lock activated on the selected apps. Before accessing locked apps, you need to draw the pattern or enter the password to unlock it.

Remember to select the pattern lock tab in the app and set the pattern to activate pattern lock on the selected apps. This is because “App Lock” has password lock set by default The pattern lock can be set as visible or invisible from the app. You can also set the lock pattern for multiple other programs like installing/uninstalling apps, lock Google Play Store, lock incoming calls, and lock application manager.

You can check out App Lock app for Android  reviewed by us.

Gallery Lock Free (media lock):

Gallery Lock Lite

Gallery Lock is a free Android app to lock media files on Android. This Android gallery lock app has a nice feature to lock media with both password and pattern lock. You can select any one of them and set as your lock type on your Android phone. To set the pattern lock, launch the app and then go to the setting menu of the app. Now scroll down and select the lock type and then draw a unique pattern to secure your media files with the pattern set. In short Gallery Lock app→Settings→Lock type→Password/Pattern→Draw pattern lock. After setting up the pattern lock, you can add media files of your choice from SD card and hide and secure them with Gallery lock app.

Important Note: Gallery Lock app has an option to hide app launch icon from app home launcher menu of your Android phone. In case you have hidden the app launch icon and is unable to find icon to launch the app on your Android phone, then you can run the app by dialling it. You can dial Gallery Lock app by calling to dial; #789.

Remember: The app locks only the media files which includes pictures and videos. Also, remember that before uninstalling Gallery Lock app, unhide all the locked media files, as you will lose all the locked media files if you uninstall Gallery Lock app directly without unlocking them.

Check Gallery Lock Lite app for Android reviewed by us.

Smart App Protector (app lock):

Smart Protector

Smart App Protector is a free Android app to lock apps on Android with a pattern lock or password. The app is specially to lock apps installed on Android. Smart app protector doesn’t locks the apps which are already protected. You just need to launch the app, and select the lock type as “Pattern lock” to protect the installed apps with a unique pattern. The app also includes additional locks on USB connection, outgoing calls, 3G Data. You can also hide pattern lock at the time of unlocking any app which is locked with this Smart App Protector. The good part of this Android locker app is its time setting option. You can set the time in the app. After setting up the time to lock, Smart App Protector automatically enables the pattern lock or password lock on the apps selected between the time interval set. This is a good option if you want the pattern lock to be enabled only in office timings.

Fast App Lock:

Fast App Lock

Fast App Lock is a free Android app to lock apps by securing them through a unique pattern or password. You can easily set a pattern lock on apps installed on your Android phone. The app is simple and easy to use on Android. Initially, at the time of launching the app for the first time, you need to set a new password. After launching the app, go to the settings menu from the home page of  Fast App Lock. Now, select the option of change lock style and then draw a pattern lock to secure installed apps on your Android phone. Select the apps installed and the selected apps will be locked through a pattern lock. Whenever you access the locked apps, each locked app will be unlocked when you draw pattern lock. The interface of the apps truly looks nice and is easy to add apps in its locked apps list.

Dot Locker Lite:

Dot Locker Lite is a free Android app to customize pattern lock on Android. This Android Dot Locker Lite app provides a new pattern locker on your Android screen. You can select from number of Dot themes available in the app. Also, you can select the size of the pattern lock pad according to your Android screen size. Apart from all this, you can even set a background on your pattern lock pad to make your pattern lock look fully customized and original. The app is easy to use. Just enable dot locker on your Android phone, select the dot pattern type, select the background(if required) and then lock your Android phone. On unlocking the phone, you will find the dot locker pad activated on your Android phone.

So, these were some of the best pattern lock apps for Android that we came across. I am sure there are many other worthy pattern lock apps out there. So, if you find something interesting, do mention in comments.

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