Avast Antivirus for Android with Anti-Theft: Avast Mobile Security

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avast! Mobile Security is a free antivirus for Android which comes with anti-theft for Android. This is Android version of popular avast antivirus for computers. avast Mobile Security includes free antivirus, and free anti-theft feature. If your phone gets stolen, and someone changes SIM in that, avast Mobile Security will automatically send you SMS on your alternate number that a SIM has been changed, and gives number of the new SIM.

This avast mobile security antivirus is an official Android app from avast. This Android avast mobile security is award-winning Android app to secure your Android phone and device against theft. avast antivirus for Android protects your phone against malware, spyware and other viruses.

I uninstalled my previous antivirus app and then installed this smart avast antivirus app on my Android phone to give some extra layer of security to my Android phone. I really liked this anti-theft app for my Android phone because of its new and extra ordinary smart features provided for free.

avast Mobile Security

avast Mobile Security comes with multiple options to smartly secure your Android. The best part of this Android antivirus app is its anti-theft option.

Once you enable anti-theft feature of avast Mobile Security, it will become very difficult for some phone thief to use your phone if he steals it. avast locks up your phone as soon as a new SIM card other than the registered SIM card is inserted in your Android phone. avast registers your SIM Card with your phone’s IMEI number when you first time set the anti-theft settings in the app. In case you are the one who wanted to change the SIM, you can specify your secret password to unlock your phone.

Also, the antivirus sends you a SMS on the alternate numbers that you set while configuring anti-theft feature on Android. The SMS is sent with the new SIM Card that is inserted in your stolen Android phone. So, you immediately come to know which phone number is being used with your Android phone. You can just give that number to cops, and find out about the person who stole your phone.

The app even plays a siren sound or the custom sound set when a new SIM card is inserted. So your phone is reasonably safe with this smart avast anti-virus app. Of course, advanced thieves would have options to get around this anti-theft app as well, like, how about reinstalling the whole Android OS?

avast Mobile Security App

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Some Key Features Of avast Mobile Security App:

  • The app protects your Android phone against viruses, malware and spyware.
  • You can anytime run a smart scan on your Android phone.
  • The app gives you options to scan apps separately, scan SD card separately, or perform an automatic scan.
    avast Mobile Security App Scanner
  • The antivirus app allows you to manage applications installed on your Android phone.
  • The antivirus app provides you a web shield for safe browsing of internet on Android.
  • Provides smart firewall option. (Only for rooted phones)
    avast Firewall
  • Settings options can be customized easily.
  • Provides a smart anti-theft option to add a layer of security to your Android phone.
  • avast is a password protected antivirus app.

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How To Install avast Mobile Security App:

  • Scan the QR Code below to install the app from Google Play Store.
    avast QR Code
  • If you don’t have a Barcode Scanner app, then search for “avast Mobile Security” app in Google Play Store.
  • Now select the app and then tap on install option to install it.

The free avast Mobile Security app will be automatically installed. Click here to download avast mobile security app from Google Play Store. Make your Android phone safe by installing this free anti-theft app for Android phones.

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Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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