Particle Art: Free Windows 8 App To Generate Artwork Automatically

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Particle Art is a free Windows 8 App that lets you create unique and instant artwork without putting any effort. This app creates artwork with the help of thousands of particles selected by you. You can drop a rectangular point called “attractor” anywhere you want over the screen. Attractors are used to attract or repel the particles. You can add unlimited attractors to generate any specific pattern.

Also, adjust the force of the attractor to change the path of the particles. Save the wave shaped pattern in your system and you can further use it as a wallpaper, lockscreen and in many other things.

Particle Art

Different options to make Particle Art easy to use:

Particle Art generates a wave formed artwork without doing much. This app provides different option: Add Attractor, Remove Attractor, Edit attractor, Start/Pause, Show/Hide Attractor, and many more.

Add Attractor: This option lets you add attractor on the screen.

Remove Attractor: It lets you remove added attractors.

Edit Attractor: You can edit the attractors position or force with this option.

Start/Pause: This option lets you start the formation of wave formed pattern. Pause option helps to stop the pattern where ever you want.

Show/Hide attractors: You can show or hide the attractors by clicking on this option.

How to use Particle Art?

You can download free Particle Art from Windows 8 store or by clicking on the link given at the end of the review. After launching the app you will get a black screen. Right click from your mouse to get different options like: Add particle, Remove attractor, Edit attractor, Start, show attractors and many more. Follow steps given below to create your own artwork:

1. Click on the Add Attractor to display the attractors on the screen. At the center of the screen you will see attractors, adjust the position of the attractors where ever you want by clicking and then dragging it over the screen.

Add attractor

2. Adjusting the force of the attractor: You can adjust the force of the attractor by clicking on the attractor and then by using slider. If the value of the attractor is in positive then it attracts the particles but if the value of the attractor is in negative then it repels the particles.

Attractor force

3. Click on Start to generate the artwork and in no time you will get the artwork.

4. Click on Hide Attractors to hide the attractors.

5. Clicking on the save Bitmap button lets you save the artwork in PNG format.

save the image


Particle Art is a fun app and generates unique art instantly without doing any hard work. I like the app except from the facts that it generates only black and white patterns and we can’t share the pattern directly from the app. But it allows me to generate an unique art which I can use for my lockscreen and wallpapers.

Click here to free download Particle Art.

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