Draw Free: Free Drawing App for Windows 8

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Draw Free is a free drawing app for Windows 8 which lets you or more likely kids doodle anything on the screen. This app is designed for all ages and is top rated drawing app from last one year. You can find a wide range of colorful Stamps like: Rabbit, Dog, Oak tree, Earth, Guitar and many more. This app allows you to customize background by choosing any picture from your system or from pre-loaded ones like: Tree, Chop, Kite and many other. You can also select solid colors for background. In this app you can find all shades of colors or instead of using single color you can use Rainbow color for your brush as well.

It provides sparkling brushes which will delight kids and you as well. You can also choose from different shapes like stars, smileys, Hand, Spray and many more instead of using brushes.

Draw Free

Key features of Draw Free which makes it must have app for drawing:

  • Draw with multiple fingers, in any color or with rainbow brush.
  • Choose or customize background.
  • Animated fills like: Ripple, Swirl and many more.
  • Smudge or reverse the colors of your paint.
  • Many colorful stamps for adding like: Animals, Planets, Trees, Gifts and many more.

Different options to make Draw Free more easy to use:

You can get Draw Free app for Windows 8 either by searching on Windows 8 Store or by clicking on the link at the end of this review. Once you have successfully installed the app, launch it and click on Lets Draw to start drawing. On the bottom of the screen you will find options like: Background, Brush, Fill, Stamp, Magic, Color, Text, and many more.

Background: This option allows you to choose different types of background from the available option or browse any picture from your system. You can also set solid colors as background. To choose a background from your system click on background and then on Choose picture.

options to select background

Brush: You can choose different kinds of brush like: Thin Brush, Thick Brush, Hand, smileys, Hearts, Stars, Sprays and many more. You can also add sparkles to your brush which makes your brush look more cool.


Fill: This option fills any part or the whole picture with a single color or with rainbow.

Stamp: It helps you to insert different kinds of colorful stamp like Dog, Gifts, Planets and many more.

Magic: Magic allows you to do fun with your drawing by giving options like:

  • Reverse: It lets you to reverse the color of drawing.
  • Ripple: It creates ripple effect within the image.
  • Smudge: This allows you to smudge the color of any part of the drawing.
  • Text: This option allows you to insert text in your drawing. You can insert text in four different ways: Funny, Neat, Elegant and Robot.
  • Swirl: It allows you to create swirl.

Color: You can use any color from a wide range of colors available or even rainbow color to draw. If you want you can also customize colors to make your own shade.



Draw Free is a simple and fun app which will delight kids of every age and you may find yourself doodling too. This app is one of the best app for drawing. The realistic stamps and multiple finger drawing makes it more interesting. If you like doodling then you can try this app.

To get free Draw Free click here.

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