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Drawonthe is a free online collaborative drawing website that lets you collaborate with friends or colleagues to create stunning drawings together. This collaborative drawing website lets you draw on whiteboard as well as black board.

If you want to draw collaboratively with others, you just need to go to this website, get your unique URL, and share that URL with others whom you want to collaborate with. When they click on the URL, they will be able to see that board that you are working on, and they can also draw on that board.

Apart from drawing on blank board, it also lets you draw on images etc., which is a good option if you are collaborating on a design.

drawonthe-final image

The best part of this online collaborative drawing website is that, it lets you draw on anything on your internet image as well as on websites, which is quite fascinating.

It does not provide you chat option, which many similar websites like, DrawItLive and CoSketch does.

To draw online in collaborative manner, you can share the link via email, Facebook, or Twitter. As it has the ability to generate permanent URL of the picture, you can easily save and share via Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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How To Draw and Collaborate Using Various Options?

Drawonthe offers you simple and user-friendly interface, where it provides you all the drawing options on the homepage itself.


It provides you five options to draw online, and they are: Start Drawing Now, Draw On this URL, Draw on the World, Draw on any URL, and Draw on a Black board. Let me give you a brief overview of these options.

Start Drawing Now: As you click on this option, it quickly redirects you to the whiteboard where you can collaborate and start drawing.

drawonthe-start drawing now & draw on this URL

Draw on this URL: This option provide you any random scenery, maps, or can be any other webpage. The best part of this option is that, each time you open this online collaborative drawing website, it provides you different URL. Like in my case, it opened Google Maps, Nature scenery, and a photo of a model.

Draw on the World: It provides you world map, on which you can collaborate and draw with ease.

drawonthe-world, any url & blackboard

Draw on any URL: This is one of the most fascinating option. Here you can give URL of any website or any internet image. It soon redirects you to that URL on which you can easily draw in collaborative manner.

Draw on a blackboard: This provides you a blackboard on which you can draw in groups, along with multiple persons.

If you want to do collaborative drawing on your PC, then you can use DrawPile.

How to Draw Collaboratively Online:

To get started, you just have to click on any required option. Then you can custom set the color and the size of the pointer. To collaborate you just have to click on the Collaborate option and invite friends or colleagues by sharing the URL via Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

drawonthe- color, size, and collaborate

Your friends just have to click on the URL and soon they’ll get connected to you on the collaborative drawing board. A limitation of this website is that you are not notified whenever any one joins your drawing board. So, you don’t come to know how many people are actually connected to your drawing session.

drawonthe- save

One you are done with your drawing, you can click on save button. It soon generates a permanent URL to your image that you can share via email, Facebook or Twitter.

My Verdict About Drawonthe:

Drawonthe is an interesting online collaborative drawing website to draw together online. The fact that it neither displays the name or the number of people that have added to your drawing board is a big limitation. So you can’t really make out who all are drawing or viewing your collaborative whiteboard.

It does not provide any Undo/Redo options, which is another big limitation. If these issues doesn’t bother you, then you can surely give a try and share your experience in the comments below.

It also does not have any download option to save the image that you created.

For better drawing experience you can also try your hands on 5 Free Online Drawing Applications reviewed earlier by me.

Try Drawonthe here.

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