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MailTrack is a pretty useful free Gmail tracker Chrome Extension. MailTrack lets you know when your emails (sent via Gmail) have been opened (and thus, read) by their intended recipient(s). Simple and easy to use, MailTrack essentially works similar to instant messaging service WhatsApp. It simply adds checkmarks to your emails once they have been read by their recipient(s).

When an email is sent, MailTrack adds a single checkmark before it. Once it’s read, it adds a second checkmark to indicate that the email has been read. In addition to that, you can also choose to receive Email alerts for read emails. MailTrack works for both standard Gmail and Google Apps based accounts, and can be used for multiple accounts as well. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Let’s find out more about MailTrack.

mailtrack header

MailTrack: Installation And Set Up

Adding MailTrack to Google Chrome is just like adding any other extension. You can either search for the extension in the Chrome web store, or directly install it via MailTrack’s homepage. Once the extension is added to Google Chrome, it pops up the following notification:

mailtrack google signin

As is obvious from the above screenshot, you need to sign in toMailTrack with the Gmail (or Google Apps) account whose emails you want to track with it. To do so, click the Sign in with Google button. Next up, you’re required to authorize MailTrack to access your Google account. Do that, and you’re all set. The same process can be repeated for as many Gmail (or Google Apps) accounts that you want MailTrack to work on. Easy-peasy!

Now that the setting up part is done, let’s see how this thing works.

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How to use this free Gmail Tracker Chrome Extension?

Once you’ve authorized MailTrack to work with your Gmail account, using it is pretty simple and straightforward. Here’s a simple step by step process, illustrating the working of MailTrack:

Step 1: From your Gmail account, compose a sample email. You’ll notice an extra button besides Gmail’s own Send button. Click this button if you want to receive an email alert (apart from the usual read checkmarks) once this email is read by its recipient(s).

mailtrack compose email

Step 2: Once you send the email, check out your Gmail’s Sent folder for this email. You’ll notice a single Green colored checkmark icon before this email, indicating that the email has been successfully delivered to the recipient, but hasn’t been opened/read yet.

sent email status

Step 3: Now, all you have to do is wait for the recipient to open/read this email. Whenever the email is read, you’ll notice a second checkmark against the email in the Sent folder, indicating that the email has been opened. Hovering your mouse pointer over the checkmark icons also reveals the time the email was opened, along with the browser/client used to do so. Check out the screenshot below:

email read checkmark

Apart from the checkmarks, MailTrack also sends you an email alert, notifying you that the email has been read. How awesome is that?

email alert mailtrack

Apart from this, MailTrack also provides you a summarized overview of all your opened/read emails. Simply go to MailTrack’s homepage, and sign in using the same Google Account that you use with MailTrack. Here, you can see a listing of all your sent emails, as well the number of times they’ve been opened/read. You can even see if any links in those emails have been clicked or not. Check out the screenshot below:

mailtrack summary

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MailTrack is an amazing free Gmail Tracker Chrome Extension. It’s super simple and easy to use, extremely lightweight, and works exactly the way it’s supposed to. There are no complex setups, profiles, signups or anything of that sort. Just add the extension to Chrome, select the Gmail account, and leave the rest to MailTrack. Features like single and double checkmarks (which appear almost instantaneously the email is sent and read), additional email alerts etc., make this a must have extension for any power Gmail user. If you always want to be sure whether that important email you sent actually got read or not, MailTrack is just what you need.

Get MailTrack for Google Chrome Here.

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