Microsoft’s Latest Internet Explorer 11 Now Available For Windows 7

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Microsoft has announced the launch of its latest browser, Internet Explorer 11, on Windows 7. The new browser has been released as an integral part of Windows 8.1 upgrade, and is now available for download for Windows 7 users.

Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer 11 is around 9 times faster than Internet Explorer 10, which is almost 30 percent as compared to the competing browsers. Main features include super-fast browsing, integration of just-in-time Java compiler, improved 3-D graphics rendering, support for latest components of ECMAScript6 standard, reduced CPU power consumption, and more.

Internet Explorer 11

Download and Install Internet Explorer 11 on your windows 7 PC:

The download of Internet Explorer 11 can be found on Microsoft’s official website (link given at the end). It comes as an executable of around 30 MB, which will self-extract, download remaining components, and install the new browser to your system. Once the installation finishes, it reboots your system to reflect changes.

Let’s see what this Windows 7 preview of Internet Explorer 11 has in store for us.

Enhance your Browsing experience on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11:

If we talk about the appearance, there’s not much change in the look and feel of Internet Explorer 11 as compared to its previous version. But when it comes to the performance, it’s quite appreciable.

As you land into your new browser for the first time, you would be greeted with a welcome note and brief introduction on its features. These include MSN homepage overview and other options like pinning sites you visit frequently to taskbar, organizing your favorite sites, great search suggestions from Bing, and quick switching between frequently opened tabs.

Internet Explorer 11 - Pinning Sites

The next time you open your browser, you would see the same MSN homepage, as appeared on the previous version. Most of the working is same, with few noticeable exceptions.

Fast Browsing and Smooth Page Transition:

Internet Explorer now supports pre-fetching and pre-rendering of webpages; so results would appear in front of you very quickly.

Great Results from Bing:

Plus you will be provided with search suggestions as you start typing in the address bar. The integrated Bing search engine is now optimized to provide more powerful results.

Context Menu Enhanced:

One of the most interesting thing I found in IE 11 preview for Windows 7 is the enhancement of context menu of the selection made on a web page. Earlier it was limited to Bing-enabled search. But now it offers more versatile options like Emailing with Windows Live, Previewing location on Bing Maps, and Language translation tool.

Internet Explorer 11 - Enhanced Context Menu

Safe Search Results:

Internet Explorer 11 is now providing a safe search result parameter like Avast, by giving a Green signals to the sites which appears to be safe.

Internet Explorer 11 - Safe Search Results

All-in-all, there’s so much to explore in this new IE 11 Windows 7 preview. Download free and try your hands on it. But before you do so, have a quick look on its key features.

Key Features of Internet Explorer 11 Preview for Windows 7:

  • Official Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 preview.
  • Available as a free download for Windows 7 users.
  • Improved performance.
  • Integration of new technologies.
  • Faster browsing experience.
  • Bing-enabled (improvised) search results.
  • Integrated Emailing using Windows Live account.
  • Language translation and Maps preview.
  • Safe search result display.
  • Pinning sites to taskbar option.
  • Auto update of SmartScreen Filters, Suggested Sites, and Compatibility list settings from previous version.

The Final Verdict:

Internet Explorer has shown nice improvements in its latest version. With technological advancement and performance improvement, Internet Explorer 11 seems to have a bright future, and is surely going to make a boom in the market. Get your free copy now and try it out.

Get Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 here!

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