Free Webcam Surveillance Software With Motion Detector: TinCam

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TinCam is free webcam surveillance software that lets you record your webcam feed and upload it to an FTP site or send an email with the image attached to it. TinCam’s motion detection feature lets you capture the images and upload them when motion is detected. You can also record videos or capture still images with this webcam surveillance software. With the inbuilt Video Streaming server, it also has an Image Server that can also be accessed anywhere from the internet.

Needless to say that you can save the images to your computer as well. You can also create profiles, configure the video properties, play sounds, and execute a file while it captures the images, apply some simple picture effects and lot more.

Free Webcam Surveillance Software - TinCam - Interface

If you want to convert your webcam into a good surveillance camera that you can even access from the internet, then TinCam is software you’re looking for. This webcam surveillance software can do video streaming, capture still images from your webcam and send it to your email and even better, it lets you access the feed of your webcam via the internet.

Turn your Webcam into Surveillance Camera

I really like the motion detection feature of this webcam software. I can set it up, pointing right to the door of my office and I will get an alert whenever it detect someone walking in (my boss). I can provide it with my FTP account information and it can upload the images to it.

Free Webcam Surveillance Software - TinCam - Setting it up

I like to run the Setup Wizard to make things simpler. Though TinCam shows you this screen when you open it for the first time, you can go to the Setup menu to set it up. You can specify the right webcam and set the Timer to capture images at regular intervals. If you want this webcam surveillance software to capture the images at detection of motion, you can go for the Motion Detection option while setting it up. Fill in the FTP account details and test the settings to see if it’s all working fine.

The Burglar Alarm

Free Webcam Surveillance Software - TinCam - Setting a Sound, Executing a program

I like it when TinCam can play a sound file and runs a program for me when it detects motion. As you might have noticed in the image above, I got an alarm sound set in TinCam. This would play the Fire Alarm sound whenever someone walks in the door.

I created a batch file for locking the computer and set that in this webcam surveillance software. I can set this and simply walk away from my computer. If anyone approaches my computer, TinCam will sound an alarm and would also lock my computer if it’s not locked. Interested in knowing that command to lock you computer? Copy the following to your text editor:

rundll32 user32.dll, LockWorkStation

Now, save this as a batch file (while you save the file, add .bat extension to the file’s name and change the file type to “All Files”).

Free Webcam Surveillance Software - TinCam - Lock your computer

[Want to know more about using rundll32? Click here to view an excellent explanation from Microsoft.]

Access Your webcam from the Internet

TinCam can create a webpage for you that lets you access your webcam feed from anywhere on the internet. It automatically uploads the file to the server so you don’t have to worry about uploading the file yourself.

Free Webcam Surveillance Software - TinCam - Access webcam from internet

All I have to do is to access the webpage on the browser and it would let me view the feed from my webcam (that’s now a surveillance camera). This webpage automatically refreshes itself at fixed intervals to look for new images uploaded to the website.

Free Webcam Surveillance Software - TinCam - On the website

I was trying to grab the cup on the table and TinCam detected it. It uploaded the image to the website. Now I can simply type in the location of my webpage in the address bar and I have the feed from my webcam.


TinCam has lots of functionality and it easy to setup. Its setup wizard lets you easily configure the software, so you can start immediately after finishing the wizard. As this webcam surveillance software creates a website for you and uploads it to your FTP site, you can have access to your webcam feed via the internet. I tried TinCam with Windows 7 and I loved it.

I would recommend you to try out this cool webcam software and tell me how you felt about it.

Get TinCam – Free webcam surveillance software

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