Free Skype Add-on To Record Calls, Share Videos, Send Animations

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Messenger Plus is an add-on for Skype which lets you record Skype audio/video calls, share videos, send animations and many more things in a single click. This add-on simply adds a panel of Messenger Plus on the left side of your Skype window. The panel enhances the Skype software with its features, like: image overlays, send animations and winks, share videos even when you are on an active video call, customize video effects, customize ringtones by contact, etc. You can add funny animations, winks in your chat  or even send funny sounds from a wide range of provided options.

You can also add effect to your videos in any active video calls. It also lets you check the chat history. Customize Skype ringtones by contact list with different ringtones. You can even import any ringtone from your PC to set as ringtone for any contact.

Messenger Plus-Animations

Adding Messenger Plus Add-On For Skype:

You can get Messenger Plus for Skype free by using the link given at the end of this review.

After installing this add-on, you will find a panel of Messenger Plus added to your Skype.

Messenger Plus-Overview

While installing it, you will be asked to install some additional software as well. Avoid it by unchecking the relevant box.

How to Use Messenger Plus for Skype:

On the left panel, you will find different tools, like: call recording to start recording your call, stop recording to stop recording your call, Open recorder to open the recorded files, send animations, send emotisounds, apply video effects, apply sound effects, apply overlays, share video, open chat log viewer, sound library, etc.

Messenger Plus-Panel

  • Call Recording to start recording your call.
  • Stop recording to stop recording your call.
  • Open recorder to open the recorded files.
  • Send animations lets you send funny animations, winks, and different smileys in chat. It provides a wide range and hence you will not feel bored of using it.
  • Send emoti sounds to send funny voices saying some specific words, like: you are boring, dangerous, etc.
  • Apply video effects allows you to add fun video effects to any active video conversation.
  • Apply sound effects lets you add fun sound effects to audio/video chats.
  • Apply overlays lets you select an image to overlay within your video chat.
  • Share video lets you share any video from your PC.
  • Open chat log viewer lets you check chat history.

You can change the settings of Messenger Plus by clicking on set preferences and options at the bottom of its panel. It will open a new window with different options: Languages, Toolbar, Recordings, Animations, Video, Chat Logging, Ringtones, etc.

Messenger Plus-Settings

To change the folder where you want to save your chat history, click on Chat Logging and browse the folder where you want to save it.

Messenger Plus-Chat Logging

To change the folder where you want to save your recordings, click on Recordings option.

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Messenger Plus is an interesting and fun add-on for Skype. The recording options makes it useful as well. The best thing I like about this add-on is that it provides many tools, like: Recorders, animations, winks, sound/video effects etc. It makes using Skype a lot of fun.

Get Messenger Plus here.

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