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Multi-Skype Launcher is a free Skype add-on which allows you to run multiple Skype accounts on one computer at the same time. This useful, multi-account software for Skype, is the ideal tool for people that have more than one Skype account and spend a great deal of time trying navigate them all at once. There are various methods with which to negotiate multi Skype accounts for different versions of Windows, however having this Skype accounts managing software on your computer, will make everything so much simpler.

The software has various options which are designed to make your skyping activities easier. Indeed Multi-Skype Launcher is able to be customized so that it automatically logs you into Skype; this option is able to be deactivated at any time. For those who are one the move a great deal, this Skype multiple launching tool is able to be uploaded to a USB portable device, allowing you to access your Skype accounts from any computer other than your own.

You can add multiple Skype accounts in this software, and then just click on account name that you want to launch:

Multi Skype Launcher

Users that have already downloaded and are using this Skype add-on, are raving about its handiness and ease of use. It appears the ability to run multiple Skype accounts at the same time, are what Skype users around the world have been wanting for a long time. Once you have downloaded the application, simply click on the ‘setup.exe’ file and follow the instructions from the install Multi-Skype Launcher wizard. Once the program is set up, click on the ‘add’ icon and enter your Skype account information. this information is stored, encrypted, on your system. Data stored on your system is encrypted with industry strength algorithm technology – not easily, if at all, accessed by unauthorized persons.

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As mentioned above, if you wish to launch this simple-to-use Skype add-on when your computer starts, check the “Auto log-in” box. If, at a later date, you don’t want the program launching the same time as your computer, un-checking the box is the logical step. With Multi-Skype Launcher on your computer you have the choice of either launching accounts manually from the software itself or automatically when Windows starts up.

Download Multi-Skype Launcher free.

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