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CBR Converter is a handy software that helps to convert cbr to PDF files and vice-versa. Unique feature of this software is that it can compress images present in cbr/PDF file to greatly reduce size of output file. In my testing, it compresses 50 MB size cbr file to 17 MB PDF file, which is simply great.

Apart from cbr file, it can also convert cbz file. Both are Comic book archive file types.

Even though it compresses images, still output file quality remains quite good. Therefore, this software is quite useful. You can view your cbr files without using any CBR reader software by converting them to PDF using this software.

CBR Converter- convert cbr to PDF and PDF to cbr

In screenshot above, you can see a sample cbr file converted to PDF using this freeware.

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How To Convert Cbr To PDF and PDF To Cbr File?

To convert cbr/cbz files to PDF, download this software using the link available at the end of this review. Its comes with 1.05 MB setup file. Installation is also very easy. After completing installation steps, you can open its simple interface.

To convert a cbr/cbz file, click on the required box. It will open a window using which you can add cbr file from source location. Unfortunately, drag n drop feature is not available. So you have to use Open window to add cbr file. After adding the required file, come to the bottom part of its interface. Now enable compress images option. This option is very useful as it will optimize size of output file as well as keep the quality of output images.

enable images compression and start conversion

Finally, you can choose destination location, and start the conversion process. Based on input file size, conversion will take some time. After completing the conversion process, you can open output file with any PDF reader.

converssion process started

Convert PDF To Cbz File:

This software can also be used to convert a PDF file into cbz file. Using this feature will fetch all the images present in your PDF file and create a cbz file from those images. In this process, you can also enable the same compress images option.

convert PDF to cbz

Moreover, it also lets you merge multiple images that are available in one page of PDF file to create a single image.


Although there are many cbr to PDF converters available on web, but not all software provide compression feature. This software fulfills that requirement as well and therefore, is very useful to convert cbr/cbz images to PDF and vice-versa.

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