TunePresto: Automatically Create Background Music for Videos

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TunePresto is a free online service that can automatically compose bacground music for videos. You just need to upload the videos, select the type of music that you want, and TunePresto will analyze that video, and will compose a background music for it. Within a few minutes, you can have a unique background music for your video, without doing anything at all.

TunePresto is currently in private beta, and can be tested only with the sample videos available on their website. When I first tried the service using the sample videos, I was quite surprised by the way music was being created. I had an expectation that TunePresto would provide me online controls with which I can create music, like, Myna and Roc do.

Instead, TunePresto did not have any such thing. It created the whole background music for video automatically, and only thing I had to specify was the type of music that I want to create. Quite awesome.


I was quite curious that how TunePresto is able to create this music, so I got in touch with them, and CEO of TunePresto (Siun) got back to me with following explanation:

Basically, the software analyses the video looking at duration and color saturation. This information together with the music style selected by the user is what determines the composition. The software writes the music and plays it out using audio samples (virtual instruments).

That is quite neat :)

TunePresto is currently in closed beta, so you are not able to upload your own videos currently, and can play around with videos available on the website only. However, once it opens up, TunePresto promises to provide some nice features. You will be able to upload your video, add music to it, and upload it to YouTube. You will also be able to provide URL of a YouTube video, and then add music to it. The free service does not lets you download video with music, or even just music. Paid service lets you do that, though I found it very expensive ($10 per download).

TunePresto is definitely a unique product, and lots of thought and intelligence seems to have gone into creating this. I am sure it has a lot of complexities under the hood, but TunePresto has managed to create a simplest possible user interface, where you have to just upload the video, choose the type of music, and you are done.

P.S.: TunePresto seems like a perfect service to be an integral part of YouTube. Imagine you had controls within YouTube to add unique background music to your videos automatically. Now that Google is on a shopping spree, let’s see if TunePresto comes on its radar.

Update: Tunepresto is not operational anymore. (2 Mar 2013)

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