5 Free Websites To Play Piano Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play piano online. These websites provide you with a virtual piano that you can play with the help of your mouse and keypad. Earlier, I have covered a topic wherein, you can learn to play piano online. Combine those websites with these 5 websites and you have a great combination. You can to both learn and play piano online, absolutely free. And if you are worried about the controls of the virtual piano, then do not worry at all. These websites provide you with all the possible controls and makes the whole procedure very realistic. Let us check out these websites.

The 5 websites to play piano online are Virtual Keyboard, The Virtual Piano, Multiplayer Piano, Virtual Musical Instruments, and Play Piano Online.

Virtual Keyboard:

Virtual Keyboard

The first website to play piano online is Virtual Keyboard. This is a very simple to use website where all you have to do is play piano. On the beautiful looking interface, you will find a virtual piano that you can straightaway start playing. An instruction tab is provided for you, that opens in a separate window, where you can learn about the controls of the piano. Separate keys are assigned beforehand that you have to use to play the piano. The features of Virtual Keyboard include a Chord Mode, and different drum beats that you can play in background, while playing the piano. Lastly, apart from a virtual piano, the website also lets you play virtual flute, guitar, and some other instruments.

Try it out from here.

The Virtual Piano:

The Virtual Piano

The second website to play piano online is The Virtual Piano. The virtual piano on this website does take a little extra time to load, but once loaded, it provides you some very nice features. An instructions tab is available to acquaint you with the controls and you can easily play the piano through your keypad. In case you do not know how to play a piano, free piano lessons and video songs are also available on the same website. You can watch these videos and play the piano alongside. One more interesting feature on this website is that you can make your own beats. You can create a beat of your own, on the piano, and then save it.

Try out The Virtual Piano from here.

Multiplayer Piano:

Multiplayer Piano

Third website in the line is Multiplayer Piano. The fun of playing piano online just gets double on this website. As the name suggests, the website has multiple users playing one piano at one point of time. All of them are playing their own tunes and it sounds melodious (also irritating at times). The website has different piano rooms. In every room, multiple users are playing a piano. Just enter any room and start playing. However, if you wish to play piano alone, the website has arrangements for that as well. Simply hit the play alone option and you will enter into an isolated room where you can play your own piano. If you wish to play with a friend of yours, send them the link and they will join you through that link.

Try it out from here.

Virtual Musical Instruments:

Virtual Musical Instruments

Virtual Musical Instruments is another place that you can visit to play piano online. The website provides you with a lot of virtual instruments to play. Digital piano is one of those instruments and you can simply click on its icons to start playing the piano. The controls of the piano are provided by the website and you can directly start playing the piano, after hitting its icon. Similarly, you can opt for other virtual instruments as well, if you wish.

Try it out here.

Play Piano Online:

Play Piano Online

The last website to play piano online in this list is Play Piano Online. This is a very simple and straightforward website where you are provided with a piano, and you can start playing it. There are four different options available on top of the piano that you can use. You can shift between playing piano, bells, bass, and drumkit. The biggest disadvantage of playing piano on this website is that, you cannot play through keyboard. You can only use the mouse to play this online piano (at least that is what happened with me while testing). Hence, I can recommend it for kids only.

Try it out from here.

So, try out all these websites and get a good experience of playing a virtual piano.

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