Free Decentralized File Sharing Service based on Sia Network: SkyTransfer

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SkyTransfer is free and decentralized file sharing service based on Sia network. Here you can upload file to any given Sia portal and you file will be stored there for 3 months(as a free user). It encrypts your file before uploading and generates a shareable link that you can pass to anybody you want. It even lets other user to upload to the same directory where you uploaded your files in your share your draft URL.

Sia is an open source network that allows users to purchase cloud storage. Under the hood it uses the disk renting method where a group of volunteers lent their hard disks to store chunks of data that can be reassembled. Sia network has different portals from which data can be sent to the actual storage and SkyTrasfer provides a web UI for that.

Here you can use this service for secure file sharing and collaboration. It supports directory upload and right now it has support for 3 Sia portals. You can select any portal and then upload your file. You can upload large files and for free, it will be kept for 3 months. For permanent storage, you can buy the space using the Sia coin.

Free Decentralized File Sharing Service based on Sia Network SkyTransfer

Free Decentralized File Sharing Service based on Sia Network: SkyTransfer

To upload and share files for free, you don’t have to sign up for an account or something like that. You can go to the main website here and then upload your file directly.

For each upload, it creates a new draft. You can copy the draft URL and then come back to the same directory to upload more files. With the draft URL, you will be able to upload your files at the same place. Also, you can share this draft URL with other people tool so they can upload files in the same directory. But if you only want to share the download link then you can do that too.

SkyTransfer Upload

When your file is uploaded, it will give your 2 URLs with their corresponding equivalent QR code. One is a simple download link that you can share with anybody. And another link is a draft URL that you can save in case you want to upload more files to the same storage directory.

Share File Link or Share Draft

SkyTransfer publish files

There are some other features of this decentralized file sharing service. Here you can opt to publish your directory. It means, that your uploaded files will be available in the Sia network at a separate space and other people can discover them if they key to decrypt the contents. After publishing your Sia link, you can control whom to hand over decryption keys.

Final words:

If you are looking for a decentralized and secure file sharing tool then SkyTransfer is a very good option. You can use it to upload files and directories and then share the link with whomever you want. There are some other features of this services that make it unique among other tools of its kind and I have mentioned them in the post above.

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