Clone Zone: Create Fake News by Tweaking Popular News Stories

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Clone Zone is a free service to create your own stories by cloning existing stories on popular websites. Pretty wicked, huh! Yes, Clone Zone is a part of the notorious side of the Internet. You can modify almost any webpage using Clone Zone: create your own headings, modify the texts, and replace the images. It is one of the easiest tools available today for making a fake website. You can pick a template from Clone Zone itself or enter the link of the webpage that you want to edit! Created by two creative artists ​​Slava Balasanov​ and ​Analisa Teachworth, the site is strictly and conceptually an art piece! The site means no harm and should not be used otherwise. Simply create a funny or unreal news that is hard to believe and share and fool your friends by sharing them.

Clone Zone Main

How to Create Fake a News Story by Cloning an Existing Story

First, sign up for free so that you can edit and manage your clone news later on. It is a one-step sign up process which is pretty easy! You can also log in using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

Now, lets see how I can create my very own version of a popular news story using Clone Zone in an insanely simple way! If you scroll down the website’s main page, you will find numerous templates that you can use!

Clone Zone Templates

Else, you can enter a custom link of the webpage that you want to edit! Click “Clone!” to start!

Note: Some site may not work properly on Clone Zone. Best way is to take up simple news articles or blog posts!

Clone Zone Enter URL

In my case, I will use the NASA templates provided in the website. You can be as creative as you can while tweaking your story! Make them funny, unbelievable, or shocking; let your imagination flow! You can start tweaking as soon as you open a template or custom page.

This is what the template looks like before editing:

Clone Zone Template 1

You can change pretty much every content on the page! Simply click on the section where you want to make the edits. It will be highlighted by a green boundary. This is how I changed the heading of the story:

Clone Zone Edit Content

Similarly, you can change the rest of the content. If you like, you can use another picture which is apt for your story. Replacing the image of the story is also easy.

Clone Zone Replace Image

Once you click on the image, you will get two options: upload image from your desktop or directly take image from Google. A customized Google image search bar will appear whenever you click a picture. This enable you to search and swap images quickly.

The final draft will look something like this:

Clone Zone Fake Story

Once your done, click the save button on the right hand bottom of the page. The next step is to create the link to your story. Enter the name of the path. Edit cover title, description and cover image. This is what people will see when you share your stories. Now, you can save the story as draft or publish it right away.

Clone Zone Publish Story

Now, you can share your story either on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit! This is how my post looks like on Facebook:

Clone Zone Story FB Post

This is pretty much all the technical stuff that you need to know in order to create your own version of a popular story! Again, I would advice you to use this tool only for fun and not to mislead others in a harmful way.

Clone Zone Fake or RealNonetheless, it is really simple to identify weather a story is real or fake by looking at the link! You can clearly see “clonezone” highlighted in the URL.


While other website cloning tools involve complex scripts, even hacking, Clone Zone does it beautifully by allowing to edit a webpage like any other word editor! It is one of the simplest way to tweak an existing story into one that is totally your own! If you have used this tool already, please share your experience in the comments section below.

Try Clone Zone.

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