Auto Logout from Gmail, Skype, YouTube, Netflix from any Browser

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Super Logout is a free website that lets you automatically logout from Gmail, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, SoundCloud and many other websites from any browser. When we are in a hurry, we usually close all the tabs or the whole browser without signing out from the services. If you share your PC with someone else, then it might not be good sometimes because that person can misuse or post something you won’t like at all.

So, when you are in such a situation that you have to leave your PC in a hurry, you can use a free service that can automatically logout from most of the popular sites. This will keep your accounts secure as well as you can leave PC without any worry.

Super Logout” is one such service.

automatically log out from all websites

Above screenshot can give you an idea about what this service can do for you. The OK text indicates that you have been logged out from that particular service successfully.

Note:  This service doesn’t give any warning or asks for confirmation before logging you out from all the services it supports. So, you must be careful before you use this service.

Of course, logging out means that whenever you visit those websites, you will need to login. The process of login can be greatly simplified if you are using one of the free password managers.

Websites Supported By This Free Super Logout Service:

There are many popular sites supported by this service. However, a few other sites (like Twitter) are still not in the support range. The supported websites are:

Dropbox, DeviantArt, Netflix, Tumblr, YouTube,  Gmail, GitHub, eBay, Amazon, Blogger, DreamHost, Instapaper, Skype, Vimeo, Yahoo!, Hulu, MySpace, SoundCloud, AOL, Slashdot, Newegg, Woot, Tumblr, ThinkGeek, etc.

Using This Free Website To logout from Multiple Websites Together:

There is nothing to do for you except opening the homepage of this service. However, as I have already mentioned in the note, there will be no warning or confirmation.

As soon as you will open its homepage, it will start logging out your accounts. There is no stop or pause button.

logging out from all the websites it support

To interrupt the process, all you can do is close the tab.

The Verdict:

So, this is the faster way to logout from multiple sites together. You don’t have to worry about signing out manually and one by one when you are running out of time and have to leave PC in hurry. You can use this website for that moment.

Try this website.

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