How to Voice Control Videos in Browser to Play, Pause them

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This is a quick tutorial to explain how to voice control videos in Google Chrome. Say Play is a free Chrome extension which lets you do it with ease. Basically, it lets you voice control videos on websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. It allows you to assign custom voice commands on video seeking operations such as play, pause, rewind, and forward.

After you enable this extension then it will keep listening to your mic input and will perform the corresponding operation. For example, you can activate it on YouTube and play and pause videos without using keyboard and mouse. It can be a good tool for people with disabilities who can’t use a mouse and keyboard for navigation.

We have covered how Windows 11 can help you use a PC using Voice Access and the extension Say Play can be a good addition to that kind of accessibility tool. For the forward and rewind command, you can specify the number of seconds it will jump the video ahead or backward.

How to Voice Control Videos in Browser to Play, Pause them?

You simply start by installing this extension from here. All it needs is microphone permission on the current webpage to start functioning. Just open it from the Chrome toolbar on any website and then customize the commands. After that, save the changes and then turn it on.

Say Play Customize Commands

Now, say the command and then it will perform the corresponding action. You can now easily play and pause videos on any website with ease. Depending on your convenience, you can choose the activation command for video operations.

Say Play in action

This is it. In this way, you can use this simple Chrome extension to voice control videos on webpages. You can use it on any website and control videos like a pro. The process is very simple and there is no need to register or sign up in order to use it.

Final thoughts:

For some reason, this extension only worked on Chrome for me. I tried installing it on Microsoft Edge but the voice commands didn’t work. So, maybe for now it works on Chrome only. But since Edge and Opera or Vivaldi are made on Chromium base, I would really like to see this working on those browsers as well.

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