How to Use Two Clipboards Together in Windows 10?

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This article covers how to use two clipboards together in Windows 10. There will be Windows default or built-in clipboard and an additional clipboard that you can use side by side. While built-in clipboard of Windows 10 lets you copy text image, and other items, the additional clipboard can store text entry, path of image (copied by you), etc. The good thing is both the clipboards won’t interfere with each other. So, Windows clipboard entry will remain there as it is and other text entry copied by the second clipboard will remain there. Whenever you want, you can paste Windows Clipboard entry as well as other entry stored in the additional clipboard.

To use two clipboards together in Windows 10, I am covering a free software here called “WinClip“. This software sits in the system tray silently and lets you copy items to its own clipboard. It has pre-defined keys to copy, cut, and paste an entry.

right-click menu of additional clipboard

In the screenshot above, you can see that the system tray icon of the additional clipboard is visible with its right-click menu.

How to Use Two Clipboards Together in Windows 10?

Step 1: Download zip file of this clipboard manager software and extract it. When you will launch its application, it will start running in the system tray.

Step 2: Now to use the second clipboard, you need to:

  • Use Windows logo key + c to copy text.
  • Windows logo key + x to cut the text, and
  • Press Windows logo key + v to paste the item from its clipboard.

Thus, it doesn’t interfere with the hotkeys that you use with Windows clipboard.

You can also open its clipboard viewer using the right-click menu of its system tray icon.

clipboad viewer showing the copied clip

The built-in clipboard viewer doesn’t come with the feature to save the clipboard entry as a text file or some other formats but it is good to view the clipboard content (if it is a text content).

The Conclusion:

There are so many advanced clipboard manager software already available that lets you store hundreds of clips as well as manage them. However, such clipboards can’t be used with the built-in clipboard of Windows 10. This clipboard manager has limitations, but the good thing is it helps to use two clipboards in Windows 10.

Get this software.

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