How to Schedule Pull Requests on GitHub to Merge Them at Later Time

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This tutorial explains how to schedule pull requests on GitHub to merge them at later time. PR Scheduler is a simple GitHub app which gets integrated in your GitHub account and let you merge a PR at specified date and time. To use this simple GitHub app, you can only have to write a simple comment with time stamps and it will merge the branch automatically for you. This is very simple GitHub app and you can either allow it on all the repositories or you can opt use it on specific repositories only.

One of the best use case of this GitHub app in scheduling blog posts. So many people use Jekyll and GitHub to run blog and if you are one of those then you must have been mission the scheduling functionality that WordPress has. For those cases, this is one of the best tool you can use. You only have to install in your GitHub account and give it permissions. After that, it will take care of the scheduling part for you. When you no longer want to use this, you are free to uninstall it from your account.

Pr scheduler to schedule GitHub pull requests

How to Schedule Pull Requests on GitHub to Merge Them at Later Time?

You just have to install this app in your GitHub account. To do that, you can go to its homepage from here and then you can simply allow read and write access. Next, you can opt to use it on specific GitHub repositories and on all the repositories.

Install Pr Scheduler in your GitHub account

Now, to use it, you just have to open a PR and then simply add a comment in the following syntax. Do note that, the timestamp parameter should be in UTC format. Just save the comment and simply forget it. It will automatically merge the PR at the specified date and time.

Pr scheduler in action

That is all about this simple GitHub app. You just install it in your GitHub account and then simply forget it. In order to schedule PRs, you just have to make a simple comment with the timestamps. And if later you decide to change the settings then you can simply change them in the app setting.

Closing thoughts

If you are looking for a way to schedule a pull requests on GitHub then you have come to the right place. One of the best use case of using this PR scheduler I have already mentioned. So, if you have any other reason to use PR scheduler to automatically merge pull requests on GitHub at later time, then you just give it a try.

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