How to Jump Mouse to Specific Location on Large Screen Monitor

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This is quick tutorial to explain how to jump mouse pointer to specific location on large screen monitor using PowerToys.

Microsoft PowerToys is a pack of utilities designed to enhance the functionality of MS Windows. One of the features of PowerToys is Mouse Jump, which is designed to improve the user experience when a user is using a large ultra-wide screen monitor in the multi-monitor setup.

In the large ultra-wide monitor setup, there is often a challenge when it comes to moving the mouse pointer across the display. There is too much dragging is required. But Mouse Jump helps to alleviate this problem by allowing you to move the pointer quickly and easily to any part of the screen.

Basically, Mouse Jump provides a solution by creating a small preview of the entire screen. That in turn allows you to quickly move the pointer to any part of the display. This feature is especially useful for users who work with multiple applications or windows simultaneously.

How to Jump Mouse to Specific Location on Large Screen Monitor?

The very first step is to download new version of MS PowerToys from here. You can then install it and then launch it. The main UI looks like this.

PowerToys Main UI

Now, find Mouse Jump option under Mouse utilities and then enable it. For some users, it will be enabled already but if it isn’t then do that.

Mouse utilities Enable

To use the mouse jump, use the Win + Shift +D keyboard shortcut. A preview of the screen as thumbnail will appear now. You just have click on any region and your mouse will be jumped to that area automatically.

PowerToys Mouse Jump in Action

This is it. In this way, you can now jump the mouse cursor to any part of the large screen without so much dragging., It will only take a click to do that. You keep in mind that the thumbnail preview of the screen that it shows can be resized as per your chose from the mouse utilities section.

Closing thoughts:

This new feature of PowerToys can save time and improve productivity by reducing the need to drag the mouse pointer across the entire screen or across multiple monitors. Overall, Mouse Jump is a handy feature that can enhance the user experience for those who use large or multiple monitors. It can help users who use single wide screen monitor as well the same monitor in multiple display paradigm.

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