iPhone Brain Training Game to Improve Brain Skills

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Peak is a free iPhone brain training game to improve brain skills. The app mainly lets you improve skills like memory, focus, problem-solving, mental agility, language skills with the help of more than 18 games. All these games are designed for you on the basis of goals set by you in beginning. All games have different difficulty levels, which get unlocked as you proceed ahead. If you fail any level too often, then you also get demoted to the previous level.

The game also provides you with your scores and stats on basis of your performance in these games. You can check your scores on different criteria, like within your age group, any skill specific, etc.. and much more.

Play Brain Puzzle Game

Note: This game has 4 brain games available for playing in free version. while rest can be played by upgrading to paid version.

Using This iPhone Brain Training Game to Improve Brain Skills:

For playing this iPhone brain training game, you have to get yourself registered with it, so that your profile can be made and your performance, scores, stats, etc.. can be saved. While registering, you also have to set your goals on the basis of category. The categories are: Memory, Language, Focus, Problem Solving, and Mental Agility.

Setting Up Golas For Brain Training

On setting goals, you will see the following interface with 4 free games: Low Pop, Perlious Path, Must Sort, and Word Fresh.

Play Brain Puzzle Game

  • Low Pop: This game belongs to Problem Solving category. In this game, you are provided with a few numbers (both positive and negative), and you have to tap on them in ascending order. You have 1 minute to solve as many sets as you can solve.
  • Perlious Path: This is a memory game in which you are shown some inverted cards with few of them being explosive cards along with two dots. You have to remember position of these explosive cards, and connect the two dots without touching them.
  • Must Sort: This is a Focus game in which you are given a queue of cards having different figures. You have to sort these cards by storing one type of cards on one side and others on other side. If you put wrong card on wrong side, then you are awarded with time penalty.
  • Word Fresh:  This is a Language game in which you have to find maximum numbers of correct words from the word maze box. The words can be made in any direction, but remember, time  is limited.

After completing all these games, you will get scores related to each of the game. I have posted the screenshot for one of the games played by me.

Game Scores

Once you have played a considerable number of games, then you can see some more interesting stats: Your Daily Points and Peak Brain Score.

Peak Brain Game Stats

Under Your Rank section, you can also compare your rank in comparison with other Peak app users of your age group.

Score Comparison in Same Age Group

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Final Verdict:

Peak is an awesome free iPhone brain training game to improve brain skills. I really loved playing games on it and especially checking different stats that this app shows. Its a must have app for anyone who wants to improve his/ her brain skills.

Get Peak here..

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