How To Improve Alexa Rank

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Here are some tips to improve Alexa Rank of your website. These tips do not employ any Black hat approach, and have been compiled from multiple sources; coupled with my own experience. You might want to check Alexa rank of my website here to understand that I know what I am going to talk about :)


How does Alexa Calculates Page Rank

Before we go further, it’s a good idea to understand how Alexa calculates rank. You can see a long description here. Here is the important snippet from that page:

A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of Reach and Pageviews. Reach is determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day. Pageviews are the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a site. However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single Pageview.

It is essential that you understand the above logic, so that you can focus your efforts properly. As an example, if you navigate to home page of your website even hundreds of times a day, it will actually be counted as just one visit. Now you know that.

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Here are some tips that can be used to improve Alexa Rank:

  • Install Alexa Toolbar on all your browsers, on all computers of your home. This is the easiest, best, and predictable way to improve Alexa rank of your website. Make sure to navigate to your website at least once per day from each of your computer. Best option would be to navigate to multiple pages of your website from multiple computers. As I quoted earlier, Alexa counts unique visits, and unique Page URLs, so you would want to spend some time in navigating across different pages of your website. Alexa toolbar is now available for all the popular browsers. Here are links for Alexa toolbar for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. I personally use it on both Chrome as well as Firefox. Those extensions are completely non-obtrusive, and quite informative.
  • Write good Content. This might almost sound like a cliche, but the fact is that what you are looking for are more visitors, which do not necessarily happen even if you are able to get good Alexa rank by using the tips listed here. However, if you write good content that is able to attract search engines, that will in turn get you more visitors, and hence better Alexa rank. So, if you are really serious about long term success of the website, you want to stop reading here, and concentrate on creating good content. Content is the king, and that would get you all sorts of ranks.
  • You want to get more visitors to your website that have Alexa toolbar installed. It is actually much simpler than it sounds. Most of the webmasters (like me) have Alexa toolbar installed. So, if you are able to attract some of them to your website, their each visit will be counted towards improving your Alexa rank. Here are some tips to get webmasters to your website:
    • Post in webmaster forums. In your posts, put a link to your website in your signature. If your forum posts are informative and help someone, people will be inclined towards visiting your website. On top of that, if some of them like your content and become regular visitors, you get regular Alexa juice.
    • If you have some money to spend, you might want to take an ad in webmaster forums. Of course, the web has to be interesting enough so that people click on it.
    • Write on your website about webmaster tools. This could be blogging tools, some programming tips, design tips, and so forth. Make sure the content that you write is fantastic, because only then you’ll get love from search engines, which in turn would get you webmasters searching for that content.
    • Comment on websites. If your content is useful and relevant, then website owner might click on name of your website, and there is a good probability that website owner would have Alexa toolbar installed. Of course, do not write generic comments. Not only would you not get any visit from that website, you’ll also be marked as spam (and some of the anti-spam plugins actually share the spam data; so you might get spammed from everywhere).
    • Make a website that is dedicated towards webmasters :) Of course, this is only relevant if you do not have any website currently.
  • Put Alexa widgets on your website. Personally, I do not know how they help improve PageRank, and if they actually do. However, I have seen this being listed as a tip all over the web, so I am listing it here. I would love to see or do some experiment to see if the widgets do impact Alexa Rank. If you have more insight on usage of these widgets, do share.

These tips will have a definitive impact on improving Alexa rank of your website. As I said earlier, you want to focus on content, and not necessarily Alexa rank.

Note: There are many other tips available on web, that are more of Black Hat in nature. However, I would not go with them anytime, and would not recommend you doing so either.

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