5 Free JSON To CSV Online Converters

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Here are 5 free JSON to CSV online converters. Most of these JSON to CSV converter websites support feature to upload a JSON file from PC and download the output as CSV file. Other websites are helpful to add JSON file URL or paste JSON text and get the output CSV file.

You will find some interesting features also in some of these online JSON to CSV converters. For example, you can edit the input and output files, preview output CSV, beautify JSON code, etc.

Let’s check these JSON to CSV converter websites one by one.

JSON to CSV Converter (by Code Beautify)

JSON to CSV Converter by codebeautify

JSON to CSV Converter (Homepage) is one of my favorite websites in this list. Its feature to add input JSON file in different ways makes it very useful. You can paste text of JSON file, upload JSON file from PC, Load URL of JSON file, or create a new JSON file and then download the output as CSV document.

It also lets you preview input and output file content before saving. One of its best features is that you can edit input and output files also. Thus, you can first do necessary changes and then download your CSV file.

In the free plan, it lets you upload a single file with maximum 1 MB size.

JSON to CSV Converter (by Beautifytools.com)

JSON To CSV Converter by beautifytools

JSON to CSV Converter (Homepage) is also a good website and it gives a very good competition to above mentioned website. It also comes with feature to add online CSV file, write JSON text, or upload JSON file from PC and then get the output in CSV format. However, the reason that I placed this website at #2 position is you can download output as comma separated text file and not CSV file directly. You need to rename the extension of that file from “.txt” to “.csv” and that you can open that file in MS Excel or other CSV viewer.

This website also comes with a unique Beautify JSON code feature which removes white spaces from input data. Also, it lets you edit input as well as output data. So, your output CSV will have only relevant data. Once the output is ready, you can use Download option.

I wasn’t able to find out the maximum file size limit, so you need to check it yourself.



Another website that I like a lot for converting JSON to CSV online is SQLify. Its user-friendly interface makes it better to use than other websites. Only those features that are related to the conversion are present here. That means you can upload JSON file from PC, add online JSON URL, or paste the raw data/JSON text, select the output as CSV and then use Convert to CSV button. After that, it will process the file, and give the output. You can also preview the output and then download it to PC. The thing that I didn’t like is it also gives output as comma separated text and not CSV file. So, after getting the output, you need to rename file extension to CSV. Otherwise, it is simply a very useful website for JSON to CSV conversion.

You can also use this website to convert JSON to SQL. The file size limit is not mentioned in the website. So, you need to check if it can convert JSON files having size 1 MB or more.

Check the full review of SQLify here.

JSON to CSV Converter Online

JSON to CSV Online Converter website

This website is very useful JSON to CSV converter in this list. The list of features available in this website is great. But, the free plan comes with 1 MB data limit per day. If your JSON files are less than 1 MB, then you should give a try to this website. You can add JSON file from PC, online JSON file URL, or add code/text of JSON file and then generate CSV file in just a click. You can also preview the CSV file before saving it to PC.

If the output doesn’t come as your expectations, then you can provide your email address and output data sample for further help. I wasn’t able to test this feature, but the output generated by this website was satisfactory. So, this website is a good option to try.


Onlinejsonconvert.com website

Onlinejsonconvert.com is a good competitor to rest of the JSON to CSV converter websites in this list. But, you need to copy and paste JSON data to get the output in CSV format. It doesn’t support options to upload JSON from PC or load URL. The output preview is visible on the right side in text form that helps to check if data is OK. You can also edit data before downloading the output CSV. Finally, output preview can be viewed in CSV format that helps to get how good your output is.

It also provides additional options that helps to generate a better CSV file from JSON data. For example, you can set output separator (comma, semi-colon, tab, bar, etc.), include/exclude header, wrap values, and suppress line breaks.

Everything is very good in this website, except the fact that it doesn’t come with feature to upload a JSON file. Only JSON data can be added manually.

If you are looking for JSON editor tools, then you may check this list.

The Conclusion:

Whenever you feel the need to convert JSON to CSV file(s) online, these website are definitely gonna help you. All are good in this list, but the most effective or best website in this list is “JSON to CSV Converter (by Code Beautify)”. Its features to add JSON file in different ways, edit the output and input file, and preview the output before downloading the CSV file are great. Check these online JSON to CSV converters and if you know some other handy website, feel free to share it using Comments section.

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