5 Free Google Keep Desktop Client Software for Windows

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Here are 5 free Google Keep desktop client software for Windows. These software help you use Google Keep right from the desktop without using any web browser. Most of these software let you connect and use multiple Google Keep accounts, which is a very good feature. Once a Google Keep account is connected, you can use all the features that are available in the web version of Google Keep. For example, you can view all the saved notes, create new notes, edit them and delete them, change note color, set reminders, create new labels, pin notes, and more. So, everything will be the same except the fact that you will be able to use Google Keep as desktop software.

Most of these free Google Keep clients also help you connect many other services like FB Messenger, LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

So, let’s check these free Google Keep desktop clients one by one.


keep- interface

keep (Homepage) is one of the best options to use Google Keep from desktop. This software is built with Electron (an app building platform) and everything that is available in Google Keep web version is provided by this software. You can view the list of available notes, edit any note, create new notes in your Google Keep account, change its color, invite collaborators, pin a note, mark items as read, create new labels, edit labels, etc. Everything that you do while using Google Keep online can be done using this software.

Once you have installed this Google Keep desktop client, you only need to sign in to your Google Keep account and then everything will be in front of you.

We have also covered a thorough review of this software, which you may check here.


Franz- interface

Franz is better Google Keep desktop client software than above mentioned software. The reason is it lets you access multiple Google Keep accounts from a single platform. Yes! You can login to different Google Keep accounts and switch to those accounts from its interface. This is simply an awesome feature and very helpful for people who want to use their office and home notes from one place. The rest of the features like creating a note, editing it, create labels, etc., are same as you find them on the web interface of Google Keep.

After installing this free Google Keep desktop client, you need to create a new account and then you can use “+” button available on the left sidebar of its interface. It will open a pop-up using which you can select Google Keep option and log in to your Google Keep account.

This software is not limited to open and use multiple accounts of Google Keep only. It also lets you connect and use multiple accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook, FB Messenger, Slack, Gmail, Telegram, and other services.

Here is its full review.


Station- interface

Station is another handy and free Google Keep desktop client. This software is very much similar to Franz (mentioned above). You can use it to work with multiple Google Keep accounts. Switching from one Google Keep account to another is just a matter of click.

After you have installed this software and connected your Google Keep account(s), you can use all the features that are present in Google Keep web version. From creating the notes to editing and deleting them, changing the note color to adding the labels, etc., everything can be done from its interface.

As I already mentioned above that this software is similar to Franz, so you can use other features also. You can connect multiple Facebook, Gmail, MailChimp, Facebook Messenger, and other accounts and use them from a single interface.


Firework free google keep desktop client software

Like Station and Franz, Firework also lets you connect and use multiple Google Keep accounts. A separate window is opened for each Google Keep account. You just need to open this software and add the URL of Google Keep with a different name of your choice so that you can connect different Google Keep accounts. Once you have done this, you can open and use Google Keep as a desktop app.

Creating, deleting, editing any Google Keep account, add reminders, create labels, edit them, delete them, and other features are exactly the same as you use in Google Keep online.

This free Google Keep desktop client also helps to use other accounts such as LinkedIn, FB Messenger, Pocket, SoundCloud, and more.


Wavebox- interface

Wavebox is also a multipurpose software. Apart from using it as Google Keep desktop client, it lets you connect and use other services also. You can connect Google Analytics, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Asana, BitBucket, Evernote, Facebook, GitHub, Google Allo, etc. The only thing is its free plan lets you use up to 2 Google accounts only.

Once you have opened the interface of this software, use “+” button available on the bottom left part of its interface. After that, you can select Google Keep service and connect with your Google Keep account. That’s it! Once the account is connected, it will show all your Google Keep notes. You can edit them, delete them, set reminders, and do other things which are possible while using Google Keep online.

The Conclusion:

Here I wrap up this list that contains best free Google Keep desktop client software for Windows. All are quite useful as you are able to access Google Keep from desktop. So, you can decide which one is good for you. If you want to use only one Google Keep account, then the first software on this list is perfect. If you want to access multiple Google Keep accounts, then Franz and other Google Keep desktop clients are handy.

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