Convert IPv6 to IPv4 Online with these Free Websites

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This post lists some best free websites to convert IPv6 to IPv4 online for free. Here these websites take an IPv6 address from you and return an equivalent IPv4 address. If you work in computer networking field then you may find these websites useful and you can just bookmark them and use them whenever you want. However, for these websites to work, you have to enter the IPv4-mapped address to get the corresponding v6.

IPv6 is a new IP address format for new age devices. It has started rolling out and in the future, it might phase out IPv4 entirely. But till that happens, you might still need IPv4 for older devices. And in order to translate an IPv6 to IPv4, you need some tools. In the post below, I have added 3 such tools that you can use online and convert an IPv6 address. All these websites do not require any sign up or registration and you can use them anytime.

Convert IPv6 to IPv4 Online with these Free Websites

Convert IPv6 to IPv4 Online with these Free Websites:



Whatsmydns is one of the best free online tools that you can use for IPv6 to IPv4 conversion. Here it supports 3 types of IPv6 notations to generate the corresponding IPv4 address. It works in a very straightforward manner and you only need to give an input address. The input address can be an IPv4-mapped address, 6to4 notation address, and fully expanded 6to4 notation address.

There is no sign up to use this tool. Just go to its main homepage and then enter an IPv6 in one of the supported forms. Next, you just click Convert and it will immediately show you the final IPv4 address that you can copy. It doesn’t use AJAX and nor it has batch conversion option. So, every time, you enter an IPv6 address to convert it, it will reload the page to show you result.



Just like other websites here, you can use IPfind to convert any IPv6 address to IPv4 in a click. It follows 1 click process to do that and you only need to feed it a IPv6 address. It can take care of rest of the process by itself. However, it only works with short form IPv6 addresses. When I tried to convert a full length IPv6 address, it failed to produce the corresponding IPv4 address.

Access this tool by following link above and then enter an IPv6 address in IPv4-mapped form. After that, just click on the hand glass icon for it to generate the final results. This is as simple as that. You can keep using it that way. It works perfectly on all short IPv4 mapped addresses but only few long form addresses are supported. Besides IP conversion there are some other tools this website has to offer that you can use such as Whois checker.



DNSChecker is another simple website that you can use to quickly convert any given IPv6 address to IPv4. This is a very popular website that a lot of people use daily to check DNS propagation and IP address updates. And you can now use for IP conversion as well from v6 to v4. It takes the shorter version of the IPv6 from you and immediately shows you the corresponding IPv4 address that you can copy.

This website has always been free, so you can use it without any limitations for IP conversion too. Reach the IPV6 converter using the link above, and then just paste it there. Hit enter and then it will show you the final IPv4 in blink of an eye. Since it doesn’t support batch conversion, so you will have to convert multiple IPv6 addresses sequentially.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for some best free IPv6 to IPv4 converters then here are few free tools that you can try. All of them can help you easily convert IPv6 addresses. Some support only specific forms while some support all form of IPv6 addresses. Then you just give them a try and see if they work out for you.

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