Android Balloon Game: Bust Balloon-Rabbit Shoot

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Bust Balloon-Rabbit Shoot game is a free Android game to play balloon bust game on Android. This Android Balloon game is a nice entertaining game to play on Android.

Bust Balloon game provides 3D graphics on Android screen. This 3D graphics makes the game easy to understand and play on Android. You just have to launch the game and start playing it on Android.

You are a rabbit in the game whose target is to bust all the balloons and go on the next stage. Likewise, your target is to bust all the balloons and win the game on your Android. When I installed and played this Android game on my Android phone, I really enjoyed busting the balloons with bow & arrow.

This Android balloon game is designed in such a way that it automatically unlocks all the stages. Also, you can move the pac man to eat balloons when you have limited time left.

Bust Balloon

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Some Key Features Of Android Balloon Game:

  • You can play bust balloon game on Android.
  • The game provides 3D graphics on Android.
  • The game provides user-friendly interface on your Android phone.
  • You will find a rabbit, a bow & arrow and different balloons on Android.
    Bust Balloon Game
  • The game shows the current game level on Android screen.
  • You can replay the level played from the main game screen itself.
  • You will find multiple game stages to play on Android.
    Bust Balloon Game Stages
  • You can check the tutorial of how to play the game on Android from the game main menu itself.
  • No Extra settings required before getting started with bust balloon game.

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How To Install Bust Balloon-Rabbit Shoot Game On Android:

  • Get Bust Balloon-Rabbit Shoot app installed by scanning the QR Code below.
    Bust Balloon Game QR Code
  • If you don’t have a Barcode Scanner app, then login to Android Market.
  • Search for “Bust Balloon-Rabbit Shoot” game in Android Market.
  • Tap on install option to install the app on your Android phone.

The free Android Balloon game will be automatically installed. Hit here to download Bust Balloon-Rabbit Shoot game from Android Market. Just play like kids and enjoy like anything by playing rabbit balloon game on your Android phone.

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Works With: Android 1.5 and up
Free/Paid: Free