Addictive Android Puzzle Game of Communication Networks: Transmission

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Transmission is a free Android puzzle game to create communication networks between transmitter and receivers. The game includes different communication network levels, like: Telegram, Telephone, Computer, etc.. The difficulty and complexity of each level keeps on increasing as you go through them. For each successful communication that you set, you are awarded with stars. The game spreads up to 70 levels, which give you the opportunity to earn  140+ stars.

This game has been developed by Science Museum, UK and features game track from David Kanaga. The game also syncs with your Google Play Games account using which you can unlock achievements and earn XP points.


Gameplay of this Android Puzzle Game to Create Communication Networks:

The gameplay of this Android puzzle game Transmission mainly revolves around making connections for different networks. The game starts with Telegraph network and then difficulty level goes on increasing with networks like Telephone, Computer, and proceeding all the way to gadgets and gizmos.

Level Start

Each level basically consists of Transmitters, Receivers, and Messages. Each receiver has its specific demand of message(s) and your aim is to establish such a connection so that each Receiver receives its specified number of message(s).

Playing Transmission

In the game, the square boxes are the Receiver and circles are the Transmitter. The messages can pass through transmitters but not through receivers. For transferring message, you simply need to swipe from transmitter to receiver and you will see a line marking the path used by you. If you have connected a wrong path, then you only have to tap on it to break (Undo) the path.

Establishing Connection

Do remember that you have to establish the connection, which means that there should be at least one path starting/finishing at each of the transmitter/receiver.

When you have done this successfully, you will see each of the path, and receiver/transmitter glow and app reveals the complete path.

Connection Established

This will make you earn stars and proceed to the next level. There are a total of 70 levels to challenge you and you have to clear them all.

List of Levels

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Final Verdict:

Transmission is really an awesome Android puzzle game to create communication networks. I really loved the game as it goes on to become more and more challenging. This game is for you if you are the one who wants to test his brain to the maximum level.

Get Transmission here.

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