Use This Windows 8 Prank App To Fool Your Friends

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Screen Smasher is a free Windows 8 Prank App. You can use this app to prank your friends and colleagues. The app will create a impression to others that your computer screen is smashed. The app also uses good quality sound effects. You can also create an impression among the children who may be disturbing you, or asking to work on your system while you are working.

Screen Smasher is freely available in the Entertainment category of the Windows Store.

Screen Smasher

Using this Windows 8 Prank App

As you launch screen smasher, the option to start smashing your screen will appear to you. Over there, the option to enable or disable background sounds is also available.

Screen Smasher- main menu

Use the option Start Smashing that is present here to start smashing. You can use the option How It Works that is given on the main screen to see the controls of the app.

Screen Smasher- working

After you choose the option to start smashing the screen, a black screen will appear in front of you. Don’t worry!!! the app has not crashed. It is only the interface the app has provided you. If you are using your keyboard and mouse with your system, you just have to start clicking in order to create cracked interface.

You can use your keyboard’s spacebar button in order to repair the screen (remove those crack marks), or you can always use the bottom flyout of the app, and can use the repair option that is available there.

The app works great on touch enabled devices. You just have to tap the screen to create crack mark. Use the Zoom gesture to repair the screen (undo your moves).

Screen Smasher- example

The app has some shortcomings also. To illustrate a few, the app does not have any option that can preview your created marks using a click or to. You can’t save the pranked designs anywhere. Also as soon as you close the app, your created design is gone.

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Key Features of Screen Smasher

  • This fun filled Windows 8 Prank App is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • Prank your friends and colleagues at work by using this app.
  • The working of the app is quite smooth.
  • The controls of the app are quite easy.
  • Works great for touch enabled devices.

My Verdict on Screen Smasher

Screen Smasher is a nice Windows 8 Prank app till you are using any device having the app. There is no option to save your created prank designs anywhere. But if you are looking for some random prank app, it may work good for you.

Get Screen Smasher here

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Works With: Windows 8
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