SPAMfighter: Free Antispam Software to Block Spam

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SPAMfighter is a free spam protection software that aims in helping you to protect your account from spam and phishing mails. If you are using Outlook products or Windows email, than this powerful application will help you stopping spam emails. The application has a online community. There are a number of members in the community that report spam mails and concurrently database is created for spam emails.

Every time a new SPAMfighter joins the war and helps block spam, the SPAMfighter server gets more precise and we all receive less spam. The free spam blocker is very easy to install. Just download the application on your system and launch the freeware. When you have launched the software, restart the email client. You will notice a spam folder in your email interface, with block and unblock buttons in the toolbar. Your SPAMfighter is now ready to use further.

SpamFighter works with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird.


The free spam blocker is automatic and it smartly remembers the emails that have been marked safe by you. Once you have marked any mail to be safe, the SPAMfighter will automatically learn that the mail sender is genuine and will not spam the mail next time. Moreover, this freeware can be used by multiple email account users. The software works on your PC, you can protect any number of email client on your PC from spam emails. Other anti-spam software available Comodo Antispam, SpamAssassin, and Cloudmark DesktopOne.

The smart filtering feature of the application SPAMfighter is the most useful functionality of the freeware, you can block annoying senders or mark any domain or sources as blacklist from which you do not wish to receive email. You can customize your folders and filters as per your needs. Once you have black listed domains and senders, you will not receive email from them anymore. Also, block the senders that send you annoying mails or the spammers that aim at cluttering your email inbox.

Every time when you check your email in your email client, your PC automatically checks your mail against the SPAMfighter servers list of known spam messages. If you spam identify any message, it is automatically moved to the Spam folder. All Spam mails are moved automatically to the SPAMfighter folder. This process allows you to verify that all the messages in your spam folder are unwanted and you can report such folder to the SPAMfighter community, so that you can help everybody in the community.

SPAMfighter free spam blocker has large number of members in its community, which is growing all the time. You can be part of the community and contribute your inputs to the community. Every time when you report a mail to be spam in the community, your report will be added to the SPAMfighter community database, where the data will be used to block similar mails to other software users. You can help others continue fighting spam and help all other SPAMfighter users.

Feature offered by free spam blocker:

  • Automatic “real mail” protection
  • Protect multiple accounts in your system
  • Blacklist domains and emails
  • Spam abuse reporting with one click
  • Automatic whitelist management
  • Protects against “phishing”, identity theft, and other email fraud

SPAMfighter is a useful software to have to protect your email accounts from getting cluttered with all the spam emails. Also it helps other users in the community to protect themselves better. So why not protect your email account and help others as well.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 5]
Works With: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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